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Why Cersei is the best female character?


Game of Thrones is one of the best TV shows ever. Does not matter what people say, and does not matter how dubious this topic is, it is undoubtedly one of the best products of modern TV and generally production. The show is not good only for the effects and the decorations, but for its characters as well.

While talking about characters, all of them matter, and obviously all of them had their specific roles in the show. Yet, some characters contributed to the show’s progress and uniqueness more than others. Cersei Lannister is one of those characters. Not only she is the best female character but is one of the best characters in the show in general. Cersei was represented by Lena Headey, proving that she is one of the best actresses of all time.

Why Cersei?

If we start from the very beginning. Cersei did not seem to have much of an impact and importance in the show. Her character evolved from time to time. In the very first episode, she was just the Queen Cersei, who was married to King Robert Baratheon. She also came from one of the wealthiest and powerful families in the whole Westeros. This was very basic information. Consequently, there is not much to think of.

Only after a few episodes, we all have acknowledged that she would have had a way bigger role and way more important in the show than we initially thought. One of the reasons was that Cersei and Jamie, her twin brother, appeared to be the secret lovers and had children together. Those children were supposed to be Robert’s kids, but it turned out that they were Cersei’s bastards.

Besides the above-mentioned fact, Cersei turned out to be the one who threw poor Bran Stark from the hill and he was left as a creep.


While talking about Cersei as one of the best female characters, we should outline her characteristics first. This is the main reason why she is definitely the best. We are all impressed by the women who are in the men’s world and who manage to climb the unbelievable heights in their careers. We are also very impressed by the committed moms and descendants of famous parents.

Cersei was all in one. She was the daughter of Tywin Lannister, who once was the most powerful and the most feared man in the whole kingdom. After the death of her husband, King Robert Baratheon, she became the Queen, instead of marrying any other men. She was a very committed mother and preferred her kids over anything else. Everyone around her feared her and avoided contact with her, as everyone was aware of her power, smart, and clever mind.

If any of those was not enough, let’s evolve on Cersei’s character a bit more. In fact, no one can belive the achievements and the commitment until they see the facts and the events. Here are some to mention.

The loyal lover

Cersei was obviously not the most faithful wife. To be more precise she was not faithful at all. yet, to be more precise, she was never faithful to her husband, whom she did not even love. She married Robert only because of the political reasons and had to be his wife, in order to maintain the title of the Queen. For the whole of her life, she was faithful to Jamie, who turned out to be her twin brother.

From the moral perspective, being the lover of the brother is far from being correct, yet from the emotional perspective, we can claim that Cersei was loyal to the love and feelings for her brother from the beginning until the very end. She loved Jamie and despite all of her evil actions, she never betrayed him and always wanted him by her side. The reason she loved her kids was only due to the fact that they were Jamies children. Be they the kids of Robert, it is doubtful would she love them at all or not.

While being a loyal lover, she was also quite envious of one as well. Never she wanted any women by the side of Jamie. When Brienne of Tarth became the lover of Jamie, Cersei was not fond of this fact at all and did not wish to Brienne anything but death.

Lovable Mother

Cersei had three kids. Joffrey, Tomen, and Myrcella. All of the kids were from Jamie. Unfortunately, all of them ended up dead. This can partially be blamed on the sins of their parents, yet the death of the children is never a good thing to happen.

Cersei was a cold woman, but to her kids, she was a very lovable mother. She loved her kids with whole her heart and never has she left them alone. Joffrey, who was Cersei’s eldest son, became the King after Robert’s death. He was also one of the most hated characters in the whole show. Joffrey was a monster kid. He had nothing but anger and hatred in him. Obviously he was a very brutal and very rude king. Yet, Cersei was always on his side. And despite the fact that he was from being the best son, Cersei loved him and tried to make the best of her monster son.

Tommen on the opposite was the symbol of love, faithfulness, and kindness. He became the king after the death of Joffrey. Tomen was a beloved one. With only kind intentions. Unlike Joffrey, Tommen was very loved. Cersei was the one to support Tommen and despite her unwillingness let him be the kind and loving one. Yet, Tommen’d death is to be blamed on Cersei. She was the one to kill him. Despite it was unintentionally, while burning the Great Sept, Cersei received the answer for the sins and the crimes she committed.

Her only daughter Myrcella, In that season finale, is killed by Ellaria Sand’s poisoned kiss to avenge the death of Oberyn Martell. Oberyn was also killed in the battle by the greatest will of Cersei. She loved Myrcella and was very unhappy and upset to let her go to a different country. Cersei took it as an extremely painful hit. Yet survived.

The power is power

Despite all of the pain and all of the unfairness Cersei went through, she still managed to survive all of the pain and stand strong on her feet. The main reason why she managed to do so, is because her main goal was to have power and have the Iron Throne. Power was one of her motivations to do all of the evil and do all of the kindness.

There are people who love power and there are people who love to be in power. Cersei was the one who loved both. She was in charge of her own life and was the one to have everything or have nothing. At the very beginning, she chose to have everything and did all of it to have everything under control.

The main motivation, on the other hand, was the strength and dedication. She was dedicated to being in power. She was clever and always had thought of the steps which followed her actions. She always knew the outcomes and what would they bring to her.

It is said that sometimes the power requires sacrifice. She sacrificed to the power everything she had. It did not matter how badly it hurt, she was able to make the move and bring on one more sacrifice. It was never easy, but the dedication to achieving the goal was more than enough. Cersei had the strength and did not have fear. She was not afraid of anything or anyone and this is what kept her going forward. She only looked back for the purpose of paying back for those who hurt her.

Lannisters always paid their debts and she was not an exception. Cersei can not be characterized by one single word as she was the combination of everything. She is the symbol of strong and independent woman. She is the symbol of smart and clever mind. She is the symbol of a lover and a mother. She is the symbol of fearful women. No one would ever want to be next to Cersei if she did not want it herself.

The bottom line

Be it one way or another, Cersei is the character that shall never be forgotten. She is the character who has to be remembered for her good, or for her bad. She made it clear why would someone fear a strong woman and she also showed how fierce a woman can be if she was in pain.

For some pain and unfairness is the reason for quitting and for stopping. For Cersei pain and uncertainty as well as unfairness was the reason to move on and to the pride in crossing the roads. There might be many discussions about the show, about the end, and about the main characters, yet one thing is the verdict! Cersei is the best female character in the whole show.

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