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Who still likes Game of Thrones?


The time has come and we should all admit that despite the last season, and the disappointment it has brought to many of us, we still loved Game of Thrones deep down in our hearts, at least in the beginning. If you have watched the show at least once, it is impossible not to fall in love with the characters, with the vibe of the show and with the quality and the picturesque views represented in the show.

All of it is simply mesmerizing and the way the show evolves and twists is simply mind-blowing. If at least once you have thought that something would go a certain way, you were a mistake, because it always goes in the opposite direction, which is why the show is so exciting and so dramatic.

The cast and the characters are the other reason why someone should love the show. While most of the actors were definitely known to society, let’s be honest, we’re not as popular as some others but will definitely stay as GoT characters forever. Whenever you hear Jason Momoa’s name, you shall immediately recall Khal Drogo, the strong handsome king of the Andals and the lover of Khaleesi. While on the other hand, Emilia Clarke is definitely a very skillful and extremely talented actress but shall be remembered as Daenerys Targaryen, the queen of the Andals and the mother of Dragons. The strong and independent woman, who has started from the very bottom, and ended up at the very top, on the seat of the Iron Throne.

Hodor is another great example of why the show never gets out of style. Hold The Door and Hodor character has become the symbol of the show, and many people as well as merchandisers have used the slogan for popularity and have created great things from it.

The winter is coming and we all know that this phrase will never be the ordinary phrase, which warns us of the cold winter days, but shall represent the House of Stark and White walkers. The long winter is coming and we shall not forget that. The effort which is put in order to create all of the slogans and the vibe of the slogans must be remembered because the fantasy literally knows the end and the sky’s the limit, which is proved by HBO.

If only those reasons were not enough

In case, all of the above mentioned was not enough, just think of the plot twists the show offered us all and surprised us with. This is something that many of us would never have imagined. Everyone who was supposed to be the best hero character was dead in a season or two, and the ones in the secondary roles, came out to be the main characters of the TV show.

Competing in a very competitive industry is very hard. Of course, it is slightly easier when you are the HBO, as you have already proven the quality of the product you make, but still, it is very hard to make the same and even better impression every single time you introduce a new product or series to the audience. This could be a valid reason to like the show and the cast, as well as the directors and producers.

Inspiration comes from here

Ever since Game of Thrones aired and people began watching it simply because of being an HBO product, the new ideas and inspirations were born. This is why many people have used the GoT theme in their businesses and merchandising. T-shirts, cups, toys, games, everything which is physically available has been used for distributing and popularization of the GoT theme.

One more perfect way to implement them into the product is video games and games in general. While there are already several variations of the Game of Thrones table games and card games, some VR games have also been developed, and are very popular already.

Another very popular activity with the Game of Thrones theme being involved in it is the online casino games and the casino slots. Developers have released many casino slots with a Game of Thrones theme and each and every one of them is different in their own way. While some games feature the main characters of the show, other games simply have the graphics and the visuals inspired by the TV series. This is also a very interesting aspect, as many people have played those games, just because of their affection to the TV show and not the games themselves.

What’s next?

The Game of Thrones has made our decade and we have all had the pleasure of watching the TV show for more than eight years. The plot twists, show elements, the quality of the show, and the amazing cats have all contributed to our perception of the quality product. This is why many of us and many people generally all over the world try to have something connected and something in common with the show.

The common project of the Coldplay and the Game of Thrones cats together with HBO is another great example of how the TV show has influenced everyone. The hyped and the happy voices of the cast members singing their own stories in the show. All of the cast members have lived within the show for the whole period of showing it.

Kit Harington and Rose Lesley were waiting for the show to end in order to get married, and so was Sophie Turner, who played Sansa Stark in the show. On the other hand, Jack Gleeson, who portrayed Joffrey Lannister, was on the edge of leaving the show, as most of the people hated him for his character in the show and showed aggression towards him. From one perspective it is definitely good, meaning that he was successful in acting and managed to represent the character in the best possible way, but from another point of view, it is of course very stressful to receive many negative emotions from strangers.

We all have come a long way together with every single character of the show and have seen them rise and fall as well as evolve and develop. This is why we all love the show and why it can never get out of style.

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