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Top Game of Thrones Fan Theories (that came true)


Top Game of Thrones Fan Theories (that came true)

Over the course of its eight-season run, Game of Thrones has sparked some pretty bizarre fan theories. We can affirm that neither Bran Stark nor Jon Snow is the new Night King now that the HBO series has concluded. Fans, on the other hand, were dead on with these speculations that came true.

1. In Cleganebowl, The Hound And The Mountain Fight It Out

Cleganebowl, a hypothetical confrontation between brothers Sandor Clegane (The Hound) and Gregor Clegane, has been heavily promoted on the internet since at least 2013. These two despise one another, although, after the first season, their paths didn’t cross often. When The Hound and The Mountain reconnected during the fall of King’s Landing in season 8’s “The Bells,” many assumed the brothers would finally settle the score with a battle to the death, which is precisely what occurred. They then battered each other on a crumbling castle, but because they both died, we’ll call it a draw.

2. Benjen Stark is coldhands

Coldhands is a mysterious hooded person who regularly protects Northerners from wights in George R.R. Martin’s books. Although his identity is never revealed, Game of Thrones fans has a suspect in mind. The guy under the hood was thought to be Benjen Stark, Ned’s younger brother who vanished in season one. Uncle Benjen rides to the rescue of Bran and Meera with a swinging, burning chain in season 6, confirming their suspicions.

In the performance, Coldhands plays Uncle Benjen. Martin’s editor writes next to a note about Coldhands in an exchange scribbled on the manuscript of A Dance with Dragons, which can be seen at Texas A&M’s Cushing Library “Is this Benjen we’re talking about? Benjen, I believe…” The word “NO,” written by Martin himself, is written in red and circled over her notes. As a result, the identity of Coldhands in the books remains a mystery.

3. The Wall Falls

This is why, no matter how many people are watching you, you should never become smug about barriers. When the water around the Wall froze in the season 7 opening titles, viewers became even more concerned about Westeros’ principal line of defense against the White Walkers. Is it possible for the dead to just walk through the long-standing barrier? Is it possible that anything will truly demolish it? Fans had earlier proposed the idea of an ice dragon to rival Dany’s fire-breathing offspring. Once the Night King speared Viserion and brought him back to life (as an ice dragon) in season 7’s penultimate episode, it was very straightforward to fill in the blanks.

4. Arya Kills the night king

Up until the closing minutes of the Battle of Winterfell, a.k.a. the much-anticipated confrontation between the living and the undead, things were not looking good for the humans. That’s when Arya crept up behind the Night King and slashed him with a knife, killing his whole zombie army in the process. Several Redditors foresaw this conclusion, pointing out that Arya possessed the appropriate gear (Valyrian steel) and was attuned to the situation.

5. John Snow returns from the dead

Resurrections are never certain, but following Jon Snow’s death in the season 5 finale, many were confident that he would rise again. Davos just needed to summon the crimson priestess Melisandre, who used a series of magical chants and rituals to resurrect Jon.

6. Daenerys becomes mad queen

In the game of Thrones legend, the “Mad King” is a major figure. The show’s characters have long talked about Aerys Targaryen’s fall into madness, which culminated with Jaime Lannister stabbing him in the back with a sword. Following it, Robert Baratheon was placed on the Iron Throne, bringing order to the Seven Kingdoms. At least for the time being. However, Daenerys, Aerys’ surviving daughter, has been scheming her return to power since the show’s inception, and some Redditors were concerned that she may follow in her father’s footsteps.

According to the “Mad Queen” hypothesis, insanity runs in the family, and Dany’s more ruthless attitude toward her foes was paving the way for her ultimate mental breakdown. As Season 7 continued, it became increasingly difficult to dismiss the argument. Dany was ready to fulfill her destiny when she arrived at King’s Landing.

7. Iron throne is destroyed

The Iron Throne has sparked centuries of feuding and carnage, which is why so many fans proposed this lyrical theory: the throne will burn in the finale, symbolically ushering in a new era of Westerosi politics. After seeing a narrative twist that fans had predicted, Drogon dissolved this testimony to absolute power into a puddle.

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