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Top 3 Most beloved Game of Thrones Characters


Even though one of the most popular TV shows in the entertainment industry has already ended, fans can’t forget the emotions they could get from watching Game of Thrones. There is always a discussion about the things like, which is the best episode of GoT, which one is the best season, and even which character is the most loved. In this article, we listed three of the most beloved Game of Thrones characters depending on the ranks.

Even if they were criminals, saints, or something between them, the audience has an everlasting memory of some of the few Game of Thrones members. So, who are the finest GOT characters, whether they’re nice or bad?

Olenna Tyrell

The eldest matriarch of the Family Tყrell and the final known leader of the house was Lady Olenna Tyrell. During her life, Lady Olenna was a master of politics, conspiracy, and intrigue par excellence. For her wit and sarcasm, she was also recognized. As a consequence the Queen of Thorns, Lady Olenna was widely called Tyrel Sigil (a rose) and the stinging, biting commentary she made. In many respects, during the War of the Five Kings, she was the de-facto leader of House Tyrell and had a strong influence over the countryside.

After the collapse of the great Baelor Sept, which is an event organized by Cersei Lannister, most of her family have been slain, Olenna’s determination to take revenge takes her to commit the troops of Tyrell to Daenerys Targaryen. Jaime Lannister’s military sacks Highgarden nevertheless when Daenerys sent its soldiers to seize Casterly Rock. He allows Olenna to take poison by offering a tranquil finish. Before she dies, though, she confesses that during Purple Wedding, she was the one who killed his son, Joffrey Baratheon.

Her keen wit, great skill, and intellect are Olenna’s most notable characteristics. Politically clever, Olenna was a political master and fascinated the whole of her life. Olenna has become de facto the leader of House Tyrell and, by extension, of the Reach itself, because of her political power and competence. An assertive lady with little patience for this discomfort, she does not fear the authority she has to threaten her adversaries as head of House Tyrell. Olenna never shies away from her opinion and really hates Cersei Lannister for her brutality, ineptitude, and profound selfishness (until it’s more expedient to conceal it). She acknowledges that her political potential and not her personality interest in Sansa Stark is very uninteresting. But she respected Tywin Lannister, for his steady care, ambition and brilliance — nearly praises him for having lived up to his reputation. Olenna said she didn’t believe Tywin Lannister, nor did she love him particularly as a human. Tywin appeared to have felt the same way about Olenna because she was among the few individuals he ever treated equally – particularly when combined with her, Tywin was providing her all of his interest and even getting drunk, rather than proceeding with his documentation as he did when almost everyone else, including his own children, spoke to him.

Olenna is unbelievably bright and sensible enough to recognize that individuals sometimes have to deal with their opponents rather than always battle against them. Olenna, on the darker side – like when she poisons Joffrey and kills his mother – doesn’t have an issue harming children, proves that she can be just as nasty as Tywin or Littlefinger if needed. But, as she had done to defend Margaery, against the monster Joffrey genuinely was denouncing the dictator as a ‘cunt.’ It was not completely without cause. She also said that, for her house and her family’s protection, she did or did indescriptable acts and never regretted them, as she thought them necessary.

Arya Stark

Princess Arya Stark is Lord Eddard Stark’s third and second daughter and Lady Catelyn Stark’s wife. The sister of the present rulers of Westerosi, Sansa, Queen, King of Andalusian and First Men in the North, and Brandon, she is the Sister.

Arya has been taught as a Faceless Man in Braavos’ House of Black and White with her ability to avow her family, having escaped the persecution of House Stars by House Lannister narrowly. When she returns to Westeros, she claims the red wedding vengeance by exterminating Frey’s male line.

Arya is back at Winterfell first, owing to her youth’s innocence and the apparent lack of support for her “Half brother,” Jon Snow, king in the north, she finds herself contrary to Sansa. Their turbulent relationship, however, is shown to be the consequence of the manipulation of Petyr Baelish and the two heal their sisterhood after he was executed for his crimes against House Stark.

Arya plays a key part in the Great War and effectively ends the fight by murdering the Night King during the Winterfell battle. Arya goes south to kill Cersei Lannister with Sandor Clegane, not to return to Winterfell. She comes to King’s Landing as Daenerys Targaryen destroys it. Sandor persuades Arya to give up her pursuit of revenge and Arya attempts to assist tiny people to survive the King’s Landing’s destruction. Weeks later, after Daenerys assassination and the further devastation of the younger Arya brother Bran, Arya is a member of the grand council who decides on the destiny of Westeros. After having farewelled her brothers and sisters, Arya resolves on his way from Westeros to the west to find out what is beyond the maps of the known world.

Tyrion Lannister

Lord Tyrion Lannister is Lord Tywin Lannister’s smallest boy and Jaime Lannister’s and Cersei’s younger brother. A dwarf, he utilizes his brains and mind to combat the harm facing him. He’s the present Lord of Brandon Strong’s Casterly Rock and King’s Hand.

Tyrion is a very brilliant person, who from the earliest age has understood that her mind was his best weapon since she was born to the House of Lannister, hoping to maintain the noble name of his family, but missing the physical qualities that her elder brothers possessed. He thus has dedicated himself to a sharp mind in aims to assist compensate for his dwarfism, and he is often able to use his superior mind to improve those who look at him or weaken his way from critical situations, although he does not over-used his family’s name and huge fortune in order to strengthen his position. He has also shown a high level of tactics, as seen by his research on siege defenses and his excellent leadership of the defense of King’s Landing at the Battle of the Blackwater. Tyrion is proud of his ability to read people as readily as books and, on numerous instances, not just Joffrey and Cersei, but veteran players like Littlefinger and Pycelle have been improving quickly.

Tyrion has managed to build a thick skin and is able to brush the Japes of other people off his short condition in spite of his hard handling throughout the years (except when coming from his father). Tyrion has counseled him to handle his own bastard status, which represents Tyrion’s own way of life: push on your obstacle and wear it like armor. As a dwarf was born and for the most part of his life he has been subjected to ludicrousness, Tyrion has certainly created for his brothers and has given them care, such as a saddle for his sick Bran Stark, so that he might ride. Tyrion is also concerned when the helpless are damaged since it is physically weak.

He was especially irksome when Janos Slynt ordered a helpless newborn girl, Barra, to be killed (since she was a bastard of Robert), and had him banished to the wall as a punishment. Those that admire and cherish Tyrion are also true believers. He appears to have a capacity in which his family appears to lack respect and compassion; occurrences such as the Red Wedding upset him, which he viewed as crimes.

His connection with the Master of Whisperers Eunuch Varys is among his most intriguing and lasting. Tyrion and Varys share multiple characteristics: they are both community outcasts due to a physical state that most people seem to dislike, individuals are both fantastic thinkers with a good sense of humor, they both have a sympathetic essence but are competent of just being merciless when appropriate, and they are both wine lovers. While Tyrion and Varys were at first careful (because of their extreme reputations), over their different experiences they had acquired confidence.

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