What is the loop in GOT

Out of the GOT loop: what do the outsiders think


Being a young adult in the 2020s, everyone we meet on a daily basis shares primarily the same interests. These interests usually include surfing through the web, global news, innovation, and most importantly, the media. In the era of Netflix, HBO, and many other great streaming services, we have guaranteed and easy access to hundreds of movies, TV shows, and other media products to watch. Therefore, we all get addicted to them. Do you like sci-fi? There is surely something that will please your taste. Not a big fan of fiction? Any streaming service is full of history and science documentaries.

Amidst such diversity in the media streaming platforms’ market, only very few products manage to really stand out in the global audience. It is natural that with thousands of movies and shows available, we can not be talking about all of them with the vast majority of people. That is what quite often sparks conversations about things we have watched and are confident in advising them to our friends. Oftentimes, talks about new releases and favorite shows can even serve as a conversation starter with people we have never met before.

Yet, despite our differences in taste and perception of the culture and the media, there are a few products that everyone is aware of. One of them most certainly is “Game of Thrones”. A 2011 series has been on the air for almost 9 years, producing 8 seasons and attracting unprecedented media attention from all over the world. Since its very initial release, Game of Thrones has been making international headlines with critics often dubbing it the best thing the TV has seen in years. With the extremely high IMDB rating of 9.3 and over 1.6 million voters, the show has earned its well-deserved place in the TV hall of fame. Everyone we meet has their opinions on the show, being able to engage in lengthy conversations about it. But what if someone has never watched it? Even worse, what if someone has no plan to do so?

I have never watched GOT and people are always shocked to learn it

As mentioned earlier in the article, some shows really stand out and are talked about by everyone. Game of Thrones is most certainly a unique example, a mix of genres that attracts different audiences from completely different demographics. Fantasy? It has it. Extremely well-detailed and exquisitely designed universe? GOT has got you covered! In brief, GOT has something to offer to everyone, people with various tastes and needs. As read in the reviews and seen in short clips from the show, the execution is also simply astonishing. From the cast to the filming crew, the show has done everything just right.

Unfortunately, this is not enough or simply right for many of us left outside this gigantic GOT loop. The vast majority of the GOT reviews want that the contents of the series are highly addictive, often resulting in binge-watching and rewatching of the show. However, during every single attempt to maybe try and really get into it, get intrigued by the plot, I am bored and often annoyed by lengthy conversations and complex structures of families and the politics of Westeros. But if GOT has managed to be a favorite show of millions of people all around the world, why is it not quite working for me?

In general, I enjoy watching almost every genre. Ever since the widespread popularity of Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services, I discovered that I am interested in even more categories than before. For instance, prior to some of the Netflix crime documentaries, I would not have even thought of watching something within that niche. However, now I find myself very interested in crime shows and even prefer them over many of my favorite productions.

I like sci-fi, historical dramas, comedies and a diverse range of other genres. I do not even label my taste in shows and movies. I try everything out and judge depending on the individual product. Yes, I have some bold preferences like sci-fi but I would never cross other genres out. However, when it comes to GOT, I simply do not get the feeling that we all get when expecting the next episode. I have watched quite a few episodes during my many attempts to somehow join millions around the world who are eager to engage in discussions around different episodes, seasons characters, or theories of GOT. Yet, in the end, I always find myself scrolling through social media in the middle of an episode.

After observing my behavior more closely over the course of several years, my distant relations with GOT is probably caused by the complex structure of the show. It is easy to get lost and fall behind the plot. There are simply too many characters and storylines developing at any given time. On the other hand, the vast majority of new products by different streaming services offer a much simpler and easy-to-understand and follow content. There is no need to carry out an external investigation when watching “The Umbrella Academy”. The plot is very well put together and follows a logical pattern, leading to the conclusion and leaving some space for interpretations. After season finales, we get the feeling of wanting more and are intrigued by what is to come in the next season.

This is what I do not get with GOT. With not too much free time amid work and the busy 21st-century lifestyle, I expect shows to take me with the flow and let me enjoy my smooth experience. With GOT, if you truly are heavily invested, theories and discussions are essential. There are so many intrigues and possible plot twists that just thinking of what can be happening next is rather time-consuming. Yet, by no means does this make GOT a tiny bit less valuable than it is. The show is clearly a masterpiece with so much to offer. However, when discussing people like me, the outcasts that never managed to really get into the depth of this vast universe, many other things than genres, the plot and characters should be taken into account.

Being out of the GOT loop might leave you with fewer socializing options

The hype around GOT continues even after the finale of the very last season of the long-running show. Millions of people keep updating forums and write fanfics about what could be the Westeros world after the end of the show. However, we can all recall times over the past 9 years when the release of the new GOT season would cause so much debate within various communities. Universities, schools, workplaces – the big discourse about the new season would cover all areas of employment, education, service provision and often even families.

What can one do when a week-long conversation about the Houses of Westeros emerges? With very few to no alternatives left, you are practically forced into listening and often engaging in discussions about GOT. Such talks, small chats and profound debates are what gave me the most knowledge about the show. In general, I have been following the plot in a vague way all this time. Friends, family, coworkers and even strangers have provided me with the news about the latest developments on the show.

Such a massive hype is what makes GOT an absolute giant of the TV industry. It is one of the most viewed and discussed shows in the entire world. Therefore, the truth is that in most parts of the world with access to streaming services and information, no one lives outside the GOT loop. All of us receive information one way or another. The creators of the show should really be proud of what they have managed to achieve – sending their message to viewers of the show and much further beyond those.


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