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Game of Thrones Season 8: What went wrong?


Not many tv series caused that much drama like Game of Thrones. This show is huge and not very surprisingly people are watching and loving it even after the ending. Characters, stories and the whole atmosphere is epic here, and surely, it will always be evergreen. Some of the most passionate fans think that the 8th season of GOT was extremely disappointing. That’s why there is even a petition with 1.7 million signatures which demands to remake the final season.

GOT gave us many character development but after the end, the majority of people think that there is no idea fix why they committed as much as they did if it would still end like this – unanswered questions, pointless struggles…

Of course, every idea and point of view is ultimately subjective, but there are some points where people are not wrong:

  1. The story overall becomes a mess.
  2. The fact that this season has only 6 episodes and not 10 isn’t helping anyone. ( We know that the cost of making GOT tv series was astronomical)
  3. There are characters that have been butchered in this season.
  4. Many of the villains’ deaths are not very satisfying.
  5. Bran ( who said throughout the whole season the throne doesn’t matter only the true threat from the north, he can’t be a lord or king he’s the three-eyed raven now. Then states after Tyrion’s speech ‘Why do you think I’m here.’) is elected King relatively unknown to the rest, they accept it.
  6. 8 seasons build for the Night King to be killed without clarification of his motives.
  7. Jon snow being Targaryen for without any reason really.
  8. What was the point of the wall? There is literally nothing to watch.

All 8 seasons ranked from worst to best

The bad Game of Thrones series is still a good tv show. No one expected or wanted a happy ending. The first 6 seasons were brilliant. It’s season 7 when fans started to notice some red flags and it ended with disappointing loads of watchers with the big letdown. This show was so popular that even online casinos started to make slots about GOTs’ whole story. When we take a look at the available Playamo online casino slots for one of the best examples of using characters in their games, we can clearly see that there is a lot of Game of Thrones-themed games, which are incredibly popular even after the lost end of the TV Show.

The mad queen

Fans are upset that Daenerys becomes evil, crazy, and cold. Dinklage says that sometimes this happens. He created a monster, and we did not see it coming. He understands the disappointment because people loved Dany’s development but everything changed. From the start, she was sure that she was the right person to rule. Of course, she did some evil things in the past too but still, people were thinking that she eventually would turn into a more humble and empathetic nature at the end. Game of Thrones partly buried the picture of a woman, which was making the whole 7 seasons of it.

At the honest truth, The Game of Thrones writers was not well-equipped to handle and conclude Martin’s story. Yes, They consulted the script and had Benioff and Weiss, but it was only an outline. The final season felt like nothing as previous ones. Some big battles to make it seem exciting and epic but not so much to offer after 6 seasons of mind-blowing and twisting scenarios.

The Objectively Worst Decisions In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8

Sometimes character choices are not advantageous, but Dany burned down Kings Landing! Really? Burning the city after “the bells” felt off. Not to mention thousands of innocent people dying with it. For someone who claimed that she won’t be like her father, she changed her point of view pretty fast.

The second letdown was that Daenerys did not let her army to rest before going king’s leading. Even Cersei pointed out that her army was rested and fresh when Daenerys’ army was exhausted.

The third sad part for everyone who loved Jaime and Brienne was that he left her. Their honeymoon phase was short and unsatisfied. You don’t leave someone you love alone. Jaime left Brienne and went ahead to save his sister. These two are together while Dany destroys the city only to find their way blocked. The two clutch each other in their arms as the castle falls on top of them.

Game of Thrones deserved to end as powerfully as it began, but despite the mixed reception, the season received sixty-five award nominations and won twenty-four of those nominations.

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