Who lost the line in GOT

Game of Thrones: High Hopes or Who lost it?


Game of Thrones is one of the highest-ranked TV shows of all time. It is one of the most successful TV shows and one of the most-watched TV shows as well. The show has left many people with eyes wide shut and has not once left us all speechless. From the very beginning, the show was one of the best and has promised us a lot of adventures and action.

The action and unpredictable moves of the directors of the show would always grant us an outstanding feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. It was never enough and every time we all thought that this is the maximum the TV show can do, we were wrong. The hopes and expectations were higher and higher episode by episode.

Line by line

The show was not an ordinary soap opera, it became the motivation and inspiration for many people. The plot and the script were incredibly good. Despite the fact that the TV Show is based on the famous book, it was still very different from it and perhaps why everyone, even those who have read the book, would watch the show with the deepest interest.

Another phenomenal line was the characters and the perfectly matched actors for the characters of the show. We have all witnessed the greatest variety of characters, without any vivid good or evil, without any heroes, and without any villains. Those were ordinary people who made us all live their own lives and follow their paths.

It might seem that the characters could not be any different from the very ordinary royals of that time, though this is far from reality. The characters, even the most ordinary ones, at first sight, had great charisma and great individualism, which would definitely bound you to the role and episode.

The greatest trick was that there were never any obvious heroes within the show. Whenever we thought that perhaps this should be the next hero of the show and perhaps this is gonna be the one to help everyone and save their lives, the character would get killed. And then? Then we all were left surprised wondering what is going to be the next plot twist. And believe it or not, does not matter how well you thought about the plot and how many situations you considered while thinking of the show, the directors would just anyway do something that you would have never imagined and never thought of. Perhaps this was the main reason why everyone liked the show so much and why we all stayed loyal and committed.

The plot twists, the death of Ned Stark, the death of Rob stark, of Ricon, of Hodor, of Jon Snow, and many more was never just death or murder but was the emotional roller coaster. There was always something more than a role. Even the death of Joffrey, who was one of the most hated characters of all time, was astonishingly well set and the video of people’s reactions still ranks as one of the best on Youtube.

The characters and the characteristics

With all of the above mentioned, the characters played a great role in the popularity of the TV show overall. If not Cersei, Tyrion, and Daenerys Targaryen, the show would have never been as popular and as good as it is now. This is perhaps one of the cleverest moves of all.

The individualism of the TV Show characters made us all believe in the true nature and made them an inevitable part of the show as well as made us all become involved in their lives. Those characters have stood as a motivation and inspiration for many people all over the world. Children have been named after GOT characters and clothes were sewed after the characters.

While all of the above-mentioned characters had their own pros and cons, they still remained as symbols and etalons of something. Tyrion has been the symbol of a wise man, and his famous phrase “I drink and I know things”, has been ingrained in our mids for quite some time. The same is for Jon Snow, who knows nothing, and Daenerys who is the Queen of the Marines and Queen of the Andals as well as Mother of Dragons.

One more character to mention, who has been beloved by everyone without any clear reason was Hodor. The death of Hodor was one of the most upsetting and discouraging death scenes in the whole show. Hodor was one of the very positive characters who did not have any specific significance to the show and the storyline overall, though had the extremely pleasing nature and was one to have a friend like.

So was it a hope or the loss?

Despite everything mentioned above, and despite the great love and loyalty we all put into the show, it still managed to put everything aside and finish like it should have never had to end.

No one really knows why, and there is no specific reason for that. The quality of the episodes was top-notch and the characters, as well as actors, remained the same. The acting skills as well as the decorations, the costumes were all the best and even more. The plot was not something very ordinary and every other show would have been proud of.

So what happened? Why did we lose, or who lost it? Maybe we all had some high expectations. Whenever the show offers you more and more each and every time, you simply want to see more and more. We all have become greedy of the extreme plot twists and adrenaline running in our veins. But it was simple. And we did not appreciate the simplicity.

No one has lost it. The show remained one of the best of all time. The actors have deputed the best way possible and the directors have made turns where the road was not supposed to bend at all. All of it was pretty and beautiful, but we got thirsty for something more and the end was not enough.

It is very true, to hope for the best, but expect the worst. Be it as it may, we all hoped and expected the colossal ending of something that was not supposed to end that way. We had a good experience and expected the best, but no one dropped the bomb.

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