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Game of Thrones betting – it can still continue with the prequel


Game of Thrones is one of the most-watched TV series, ever existed and shown on the big screen. It has broken all of the records and millions of people all over the world have watched the show at least once, if not several times in a row. The rating of the show has sky-rocked and it has been the highest-ranked show by HBO.

HBO has generally done great work and has released the best quality product in the face of Game of Thrones. The main reason why the TV show is so popular is that the plot, the script, and actors are all matching perfectly. The show could never be predicted and thus everyone was waiting for the new episode to air with the eyes wide shut.

The Game of Thrones is the show with the most flamboyant variety of characters and plots. The episodes would never go as planned and would never have the same outcome as you expected. The massive and vast amount of plot twists gives the TV series a specific vibe, which is always very nice and very exciting to watch.

The characters of the show are another level of masterpiece. The cast is a perfect match and every single cast member is the perfect representation of the character of the show. If you ask, who would have played a certain role better, most probably there is no answer as the characters are simply perfect for their roles.

Every single plot twist and the new character appears in the show is something that you never know what to expect the next. Every time you think that something should happen way more happens, and then you are left with no words on your tongue.

Every time you think that you know what is coming, you are mistaken, and every time you think that someone is going to be the next hero of the show, you are mistaken as well, as most probably this character will die somewhere in between the next two episodes. And you are not the only one, many people thought just like you, and were pleasantly disappointed, as the show always exceeded the expectations.

The plot twists

One of the main reasons why the TV show got that popular, is that you would simply never get disappointed. While there are many TV shows and many people have seen most of them, everyone loves to watch something which can not be predicted once in a while. Even when you think that you might have considered all of the possible options, you have missed one of them!

The first shock was the death of Ned Stark, who was supposed to be the main character of the show and who got killed in the first season and never made it until the end. His character was the very common heroic and the very faithful and just, which is why we all thought that Ned Stark would make a revolution. Particularly he did it, but he never made it.

Then we thought that maybe Rob Stark, Ned Stark’s son would be the true hero, but he never made it until season five. Instead, he, his mother, and pregnant wife were all brutally killed on the wedding day. Oh yeah, one more thing. The blood, a lot of blood, is something you can expect from the show.

The next very unexpected plot twist was the death of Joffrey Lannister. Joffrey was definitely not among the beloved characters, and although everyone wished him death, seeing him choking on his own wedding in the most frustrating way, was far from the expectation and was way more dramatic than anyone would have thought.

Those are very few examples of how the TV series can interact and how they can change the perception of the characters and the show in general. Overall, due to the fact that there are so many plot twists and there are many charismatic characters in the show, it is very logical that many people would have played on the emotions.

What’s next?

As mentioned before, the TV show is outstanding with its unexpected and developing plot. This has become a great reason to bet for many people. The chances of placing bets and winning the bet are very high. Though, not many people were able to win as the story took a completely different path.

Betting on Game Of Thrones episodes and characters has become one of the most popular activities and the most popular betting reasons. This is due to the nature of the show and the possibility the show gives. The bets have been placed on literally everything, including the death of the characters, the continuation of the show, and the way of death of the characters.

The punters used to bet on everything a long time before the episodes were aired and thus, many of them have great results, meaning that there are a lot of people who could at least particularly predict the following activity and development of the show.

Millions of people all over the world have placed their bets during the show. While all of the countries were involved in the process and many people have been trying to make their forecast, some countries were especially active with betting opportunities, while others were a bit less active. This includes Germany, which actually became one of the biggest fan bases in the west. The reason for that is yet unknown, but many on Spinia Germany made their predictions and forecasts regarding the following continuation of the show.

We all loved the show and many people lived within the show, making different merchandising with the story and the symbols of the show. Some centers have been created with the live GoT games. Many developers took inspiration from the show and thus made it even more appealing and interesting to the public. Developers have created not one game based on the story and the script of the show. The Game Of Thrones theme slot games is especially popular among the players, not talking about the VR games and video games.

The end is the new beginning

Everything comes to the end they say, and so did the GoT TV show. Many of us never wanted it to end, and as it is believed the fantasy could have gone even further, without even ending the show at all. There are many assumptions and many new predictions according to the show. Yet, for now, we all know that the prequel is soon to be released.

It should not be surprising that the prequel might be completely different from what we are expecting. If we consider the original series and the twists it had, the prequel might uncover some very unexpected stories and show some very interesting beginnings.

All in all, the punters have some more time to think of the possible story and the possible cast of characters in the show and place their bets once again. The prequel is actually a better reason to bet, as while knowing the original story and what shall happen, it should be relatively easy to consider options of what could have happened.

One way or another, Game of Thrones shall stay as one of the best TV shows ever. Those eight years have shown it all and have gifted us all great and very sharp feelings. And while we all may be upset because of the ending, the beginning is yet to come.

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