Game of Thrones strongest female characters

Female characters and their roles in the Game of Thrones 


Game of Thrones has been one of the best and one of the most impressive TV shows of all time. Despite the unexpected ending and maybe even disappointment at some point, the TV series still managed to be one of the best and all-time memorable.

The TV show is not only the best due to the plot and the shooting techniques, but one of the great perks of the show are the characters. The characters have been distributed to exclusively good actors, who managed to comply with their roles outstandingly well. This is one more reason why the show came out to be extremely good and interesting to watch.

Every and each of us had our own favorite characters. The variety of them and the individualism they offered us, is something very special. It was not only about the leading roles and the main character, but every single secondary role actor was also an extremely good match for the role.

While there were no specific villains and the good guys in the show, everyone deserves equal attention. Even the bad guys, such as Joffrey Baratheon, who was supposed to be one of the evilest characters managed to find a place in our hearts. Though, the completely different role is occupied by the female characters of the show. Those female characters have stood as a symbol of power, strength, sexuality, and adolescence.

Before talking about them in particular, it should be mentioned that all of the female characters of the show had their own lines and their own charisma. Each and every one of them represented symbols and their roles have played vital importance to the success of the show.

Cersei Lannister 

Cersei is perhaps one of the strongest women characters of all. Not only it concerns Game of Thrones, but every single TV show and even a movie. Cercei is the Queen of the Westeros and she is only one step away from being the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Opinions regarding Cercei vary and are dubious.

Some think that she would have been nothing if not money and the family she was born to. While others think that she is the symbol of strength and courage and persistence. She is one of the strongest characters of the show without a doubt. Cercei’s life has never been easy and her lifeline was full of black and white stripes.

She was in love with her brother Jamie Lannister for her whole life and had children from him. Although she lied to her husband regarding her children, she kept loyalty to her family. She did not like her younger brother Tyrion, who was a dwarf and blamed for the death of her mother. Though, despite the hatred, she never betrayed her family.

It is said that Cersei had nothing saint in her, but her saint side was the love for her kids and her brother. All of her children were killed, but she never gave up and always looked in front. She has never bent a knee and always rose after the downfall. After the death of her children, her only dedication and passion were to be the Queen of the Seven Kingdom and she did everything in order to become one.

Cersei was a clever woman, and never did anything that would not benefit her in her future life. It was obvious as she did many evil things and never looked back. But she paid for her sins and made others pay for their debts as well. She remains a symbol of the strong and independent woman, who is in charge of her own life and who chooses to be the independent one.

Arya Stark 

Arya was a kid when the show began and we have all witnessed her growth and her development throughout the years. Not only has she grown up physically, but her acting skills have evolved a lot and her character was one of the most developing and the most dynamic characters in the show.

Arya was never a girly girl but was the Tomgirl all the time. She was a fighter from the very beginning and that kid almost never had a fear of anything. Arya is one of the harvest characters, she never hesitated to fight and always asked for fairness and justice. Her whole character is based on seeking justice for those ones who have been killed innocently. She has been looking for the killers and made them pay for their crimes.

Arya was the one to kill the Night King in the final season, and despite that everyone thinks that this was not a worthy ending for the show and it did not meet the expectations of the audience, the scene was pretty beautiful. All in all, Arya had to use all of the skills and knowledge she gained from the faceless man, and through the years she has been living in the streets, far from her family. From this perspective, it was the most logical ending.

Sansa Stark 

Sansa is Arya’s sister and we have all known her from childhood as well. Just like Arya, Sansa has developed and changed a lot. She has gone through many things. She has been imprisoned, married several times against her will, raped, bullied, beaten. She lost her childhood and lost her life as well.

Sansa was very weak, she could not oppose anyone and she could not speak her mind. She was simply everything that she was told. This is perhaps one of the most painful things the character can do. Though, by the end of the show, she got stronger. She learned and became a symbol of diplomacy.

Sansa Stark once, the week girl, became the lord of the North.

Brianne of Tarth 

Brianne of Tarth is one of the strangest and thus one of the bravest females of the show. She is very tall and strong and thus is never seen as a woman, but as a fighter and a knight. Brianne is one of the most loyal characters, as well as one of the strongest characters in the show.

Brianne is strong and big, and her kind of women were always feared. She looks like a decent knight and has a very rigid character, but is very fragile on the inside. She falls in love with Jamie Lannister, who becomes her one and only man in her life.

Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen is not only the strongest female character but the strongest and one of the main characters in the show in general. Simply the look at her titles will give you a brief idea of her strength and power.

Daenerys was initially a timid, obedient youth. However, as time passed, she gathered confidence and followers, becoming a formidable conqueror and ruler.

Daenerys eventually succumbed to the “Targaryen madness” of her ancestors, due to a series of terrible losses (among them deaths of ones she loved and cared for) as well as the betrayals and abandonment from most of her surviving supporters, including her lover Jon Snow, and destroyed countless innocent people. As a result, she was assassinated by her nephew and lover Jon Snow to prevent further carnage.

Daenerys is one of those characters who is desired to be around and who is strong enough to deal with every single situation. She went from nothing to be literary to everyone. Unfortunately, her fate was very sad and she was killed by the hand of her beloved one.

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