Yunkai is one of the slave-trade cities, along with Astapor and Meereen. Yunkai, one of the heirs of the ancient Empire of old Ghis, proudly uses the Ghiscari harpy as his symbol.

The city is located in Slaver’s Bay. All its streets are made of yellow brick. The main source of profit is the slave trade in all its forms. While Astapor specializes in training slave soldiers, Yunkai is famous for its slaves for having sex with both sexes. Boys and girls from a very young age are taught the path of seven sighs and sixteen positions of pleasure.

The people in Yunkai speak the Valyrian dialect, which is still different from the one used in Astapor or Meereen. The slave owners here call themselves Wise Masters.

Yunkai slave cityAfter Daenerys Targaryen freed the slaves and killed the main slave traders of Astapor, she and her army of ten thousand Unsullied and tens of thousands of freed slaves moved to Yunkai. Yunkai had to defend the mercenaries from the groups of Stormcrows and Second Sons, and their own Yunkai army. Daenerys Targaryen managed to lure to his side the Stormcrows, led by Daario Naharis, and the Second Sons she disorientated, offering them three days to think. In fact, she ordered an attack on the same night and won a crushing victory. Three days later, all of Yunkai’s slaves left the city, taking as much food, clothing, money, and goods from it as they could carry away.

However, the city was not taken. In a very short period of time, Yunkai regained its power and started a war with Astapor.

Yunkai hired free troops for the war with Astapor. In addition, masters from Yunkai are sent for help in the Free Cities, spreading false rumors about the cruelty of Daenerys. In this way, the support of new Ghis, Volantis, and Qarth are received.

During the long siege, Astapor was struck by an epidemic of bloody diarrhoea, its self-proclaimed king was killed, and the city began a war between the contenders for the throne. As a result, the townspeople broke the guards at the gate and opened them, allowing the Yunkai army into the city. In Astapor, the power of the lords was restored, and the city joined the coalition against Meereen. Following the refugees from Astapor, the people from Yunkai, with the support of the legions of New Ghis and mercenaries, began the siege of Meereen. Daenerys refused to use dragons in this war, which led to her chances of winning reducing in the eyes of the Allies, which led to the transition of the Second Sons detachment to the side of Yunkai.

After the wedding of Daenerys and Hizdahr zo Loraq, Yunkai concluded a truce. However, when Daenerys left Meereen on Drogon’s back and Hizdahr was taken into custody, Yunkai resumed the siege.

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