The Westerlands

The Westerlands


The Westerlands is a region in the west of the Westeros continent. Previously this place was known to be the Kingdom of the Rock, though after Aegon’s Conquest it was renamed to the Westerlands. People who originated from this region are known as the Westermen. Bastards from this region have the surname of Hill.

The region is ruled by the Casterly Rock by House Lannister. Some of the notable families are also from Westerlands, including Payne, Clegane, Reyne, and many more.


The WesterlandsWesterlands is one of the most fertile regions. It is known to have the hills, rolling plains, and the huge forests. Lakes and rivers are also quite frequent in the region. Some of the most prominent caves and caverns are located on the land.

The geography of the region is very varied. There is the coast of the Sunset Sea and Ironman’s Bay. Iron Islands are also not far away from there. The whole region extends from the Oldstones and the Flue Fork. Some of the famous castles are located there. The Before and The Crag are in the Westerlands. The market of Kayce is found on a peninsula jutting into the sea.

The House of Lannister sits in Casterly Rock, yet also rules the Westeros. The Casterly Rock is the fortress carved out of the massive hill and solid rock. Lannisport and Westeros are the largest cities in the region. Some of the castles are also located nearby.

People and Economy

While the Westerlands are definitely not the most fertile, populous, or the largest, it is definitely the richest region of them all. This is obvious as otherwise, Lannisters would not have been the richest family either. Full of hills and crags, there is plenty of gold and silver on the grounds of the Westerlands. This is what made the region rich.

Gold mines can be found in Casterly Rock, Castamere, and some other places. There are some sources for the canon as well. There is some ghost town nearby that used to do mining but stopped, because of the large number of deaths. Besides mining the gold and being rich, people have taken up farming. There are some fisheries as well, which are mainly located in Lannisport.


Semi-canon sources estimate the approximate military strength of the region. The strength of the region is counted by fifty thousand men. Those are people who can be considered as the protectors of the castles and cities.

It is said that during Aegon’s Conquest, Lore I Lannister was accompanied by twenty-two thousand men from he Westerland to the battlefield. Westerman has contributed a lot of men to different battles. There is a source stating that back in the time, House Reyne, which is one of the oldest families of the Westerlands, was able to collect over eight thousand men for the battle. This was an incredibly big number, as four other strong and powerful families together could barely collect six thousand knights.

During the battle of King’s Landing Tywin Lannister commanded with twelve thousand men. The whole army included up to thirty cogs, carracks, galleys, and dromonds. There were additional two or three ships on the float. The Casterly Rock ships were rebuilt after the burnt of the Lannister’s fleet.


Before the Andals

Almost nothing is known about First Men. The children of forest and giants were known to Westeros just like any other region on the continent. They all lived with the First Men when they first settled. After the Pact of the Isle of Face, the children were only kept in the forests. The hills of the west were once inhabited by the animals, such lions. The first men were often raided by the ironborn from the neighboring Iron Islands.

Lann the Clever, who is the legendary hero of the Age of Heros, acquired Casterly Rock from House Casterly. According to the legend, Lann is the ancestor of the Lannister, who then became the King of the Rock, and thus, the place was renamed to the Casterly Rock. Westerman also believes that Lann made off with some of the inheritances of Garth Greenhand, by posing as one of his sons.

Casterly Rock

Lannisters are known to be the conquerors. That’s what they did this time as well. They conquered the Rock gradually. They occupied all of the neighboring territories as well. The territories include lands of Reynes and Baeforts, some of the most prominent families in the region. They initially resisted the coming of the Andals, but later on, Lannister kings allowed the Andals to marry into the Westerlands nobility and thus allowed them to stay.

This way, some of the new houses were formed and nowadays many Westermen are originated from Andals. In contrast to most kings of First Men’s origin, the support of the Andals allowed the Kings of the Rock to expand their power. When King Gerold III Lannister died without male issue, a council crowned his daughter’s husband, Ser Joffrey Lydden, who became the first Andal King of the Rock, Joffrey Lannister.

With Andal support the Lannisters extended their rule to the Golden Tooth and Fair Isle and engaged in border wars with the Kings of the Trident and Kings of the Reach. The growing strength of House Lannister allowed them to expel the ironborn from the western coasts, and King Gerold the Great raided the Iron Isles and brought hostages back to the Rock.

Era Targaryen

Targaryen left their footprint on every single territory and in every single family. Aegon Targaryen was one to fight everyone and conquer everything which was possible to conquer in general. Loren, Lannister then decided to ally with Mern Gardener King of the Reach and they fought Aegon back. Unfortunately, Targaryen dragons were undefeatable and did know no titles at all.

Loren managed to escape the Field of Fire and submitted it to Aegon. Since this time the Westerlands have been part of the Seven Kingdoms controlled by the Iron Throne. Dalton Greyjoy, the Red Kraken, attacked the Westerlands during the Dance of the Dragons.


lannisters always pay their debtsTytos Lannister was another famous Lannister lord to participate in the formation of the modern Westerlands. During his reign the power of the House of Lannister was nominal. Tytos was held in low esteem and was largely ignored by his vassal. At that time, Reyne was the commander of the Lannister army and was killed in one of the most prominent battles of the War of the Ninepenny Kings.

After that, the house of Tarbeck and Reyne rebelled against Tytos Lannister, but his son Tywin led the campaign against the revolt. The families were extinguished by Tywin’s army. They left no one from the family. Consequently, their seats in Castamere and Tarbeck were also destroyed. This was the first and the last time any house to ever oppose Tywin and Lannisters overall. Tywin was the Hand of the King for King Aerys II Targaryen.

Robert’s Rebellion

This is another interesting event, which impacted almost every single family and every single house. All of it began simply when Lyanna Stark was betrothed to Lord Robert Baratheon, who was apparently abducted by Prince Rhaegar Targaryen. After the executions of her father, Lord Rickard Stark, and brother, Brandon, by King Aerys II, Robert’s Rebellion broke out against House Targaryen, with Houses Arryn, Baratheon, Stark, and Tully opposing House Targaryen.

For the better part of the war, the Westerlands remained neutral. After the Battle of the Trident and the death of Rhaeger, however, Tywin chose the side of the rebels instead of his one-time friend, Aerys. Tywin ordered the Sack of King’s Landing and the killing of the Targaryen heirs to prove House Lannister’s support. After being crowned king, Robert I married Cersei Lannister to bind the Lannisters to his cause. And then modern history began.

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