The Reach

The Reach


Reach is one of the wealthiest and the most fertile lands in the whole Westeros and on the continent of all Seven Kingdoms. Reach has been famous due to the extremely fertile lands and the very peaceful people and good economy. The Reach was ruled by the Kings of the Reach, yet this was before Aegon’s Conquest of the region. Reach is the second largest of the kingdoms, which counts straight after the North. Besides being the most fertile part, it is also the most heavily-populated part of Westeros as well.

The REach is famous for many things, one of which is chivalry. It is the place where knighthood is looked upon with the greatest relevance ever and is esteemed the most as well. It is also the place where the rules for the tourney are the most strung and managed.

The whole region of Reach is ruled by one of the noblest families, which is House Tyrell. The place of origin is Highgarden, which is also considered to be one of the most beautiful and peaceful places as well as one of the most fertile cities in the whole Westeros. There are some more noble houses originating from the Reach, including Tarly, Gardener, Vyrwel. The bastards from the Reach are given the surname Flowers.


The reach the beauty of them allAs mentioned before the Reach is the most fertile and the most densely populated part of Westeros. This is fully determined by the geographic location of the Reach and the outlook area it has. It is surrounded by the Sunset Sea to the west and the northwest is surrounded by Blackwater Rush, and the Riverlands is to the north. It also crosses the Stormlands to the southeast.

There are Red Mountains of Dorne to the south of the Reach and there is the Summer Sea, which also determines the warm climate and the fertile land of the region. Rosa road links the Oldtown with Kings Landing, through the way of Highgarden, while the Ocean Road links Highgarden with Lannisport.

While the Reach is rich with nature, it also includes several islands in the seas, which are the Shield Islands, near the mouth of the Mander, and the Arbor south of the Whispering Sound and Redwyne Straits.


Reach is the second richest region of Westeros. The first is obviously the Westerlands, which is the richest region among all Seven Kingdoms, and which is ruled by Lannisters. Though, the Reach is definitely more fertile than the Westerlands. The region produces the most amount of products, which is then sent to different regions. Reach is the main supplier of fruits, such as melons, fireplugs, peaches, apples, and grapes. To mention more about the grapes, it should also be said that the best wine in the whole Westeros is produced in Highgarden. This is the finest wine from reds to the golden vintage.

Something in the Reach was different, before Aegon Targaryen’s conquest. There used to be the golden coins of the Reach, which were known as hands. They still exist in some number, but not as many as they used to be. Moreover, the hands had almost half of the value of the dragon coin.

Some of the most popular and famous locations of the Reach include,

  • The Highgarden, which is the capital of the region, and the castle and the seat of House of Tyrell.
  • The Old Towns, which is the most prominent city in the whole Reach. It is the oldest city in Westeros and is famous for the Hightower, the Master’s Citadel, and the Starry Sept. The last mentioned is also the previous seat for the Faith of Seven.
  • Ashford, which is the main market town.
  • Tumblton, which is also the market town.
  • And the last town worth mentioning is Cuy.

As Reach is one of the most densely populated areas, it is not hard to imagine that the military force of the regions should be quite decent, which actually is. According to Lord Beilish, the military strength of the Reach should be around fifty thousand words. Yet, if we believe some of the nobles and some of the representatives of the Reach, there should be at least seventy thousand swords from the house of Tyrell, two more thousand from the house of Florent, and nine more thousand from House Hightower.

Besides the military force of swords, there is the naval strength as well. The naval strength of the Reach is mainly from the Redwayne fleet and the Arbor. There are more than two hundred warships and some more can be found on the shores of the Shield Islands.


House Gardener

The beginnings of the Reach can be traced back to Garth Greenhand, the legendary High King of the First Men who lived in the Age of Heroes. The imperial line of House Gardener of Highgarden asserted descent from Garth as do numerous other houses in the region. What is presently the Ravelry of the Citadel is said to have been a private holding during the Age of Heroes. Beginning from the Reach proper, the Gardener Kings of the Reach extended north to Old Oak, Red Lake, and Goldengrove, and south to Oldtown, the Arbor, and Horn Hill.

The Reach is the core of the chivalric traditions in the Seven Kingdoms, where knighthood is most all around regarded. Competitions here have the most flamboyant and varied terms and conditions and are well on the way to be held for knights only and specifically. The best of the champions of the Reach became knights in the Order of the Green Hand. House Peake defeated and thus throughout House Manderly from the Reach during the rule of King Perceon III Gardener.

Dornishmen have fought against the Reach for a number of years. The constant battles include the quarrel between House Oakheart and House Dayne. Ser Wilbert Osgrey fell guarding against an attack of the Reach by Lancel IV Lannister, King of the Rock. The Kings of the Reach likewise warred with the Storm Kings of House Durrandon, conquering the land of the western Stormlands one by one. Be that as it may, King Garse VII Gardener was killed by King Argilac Durrandon in the Battle of Summerfield. The Dornish Marches, the grounds only north of the Red Mountains of Dorne, have for some time been conquered. The rulers of Highgarden count Defender of the Marches among their titles, albeit a large portion of the marcher rulers presently owe loyalty to House Baratheon of the Stormlands.

House Tyrell

Aegon and his conquests have affected almost every single corner and every single house of Westeros and thus the Reach was none of the exceptions. King Mern IX Gardener, was the one to lead the army of the Reach during Aegon’s Conquest to invade the House Targaryen. Though, unfortunately, his line of the house ended as he was killed in the line of fire. House Tyrell, were the stewards of the House Gardeners, thus, after Mern’s death, they surrendered Highgarden to Aegon the Conqueror. For this, they were given both the title and the castle in the Highgarden and were named as the Lord Paramount of the Mander.

The High Sept and the Lord Mannfred Hightower did not oppose Aegon on his conquest and thus they increased the legitimacy of the new kings. Rather than remain independent, the Reach soon became the part of the Seven Kingdoms and was ruled by the Iron Throne.

This was until the Dance of the Dragons era when the Reach was split into two, there were greens and there were blacks. Hightowers were on the side of greens, while Grimms, Tarlys, and some more supported the blacks. Soon after there was the First Blackfyre rebellion, where some of the greatest supporters were lords from the Reach. The Reach suffered the terrible drought once and thus all of the fertility and the wealth was set under the question. The Ironborn have never raided the Reach since the moment Dragon Greyjoy, who was the Lord of the Iron Islands.

Modern era

The modern era begins with King Robert Baratheon. This is the moment when the Reach and House Tyrell come to the light. Especially this happens after Robert’s death and the death of his eldest son Joffrey I Baratheon. Lord Renly Baratheon and Ser Loran Tyrell flee King’s Landing for Highgarden. Renley then marries Margaery Tyrell, who is the sister of Loras and they claim the Iron Throne.

After Renley’s death, Stannis Baratheon joins the army at the Stormlands. Some of the main negotiations and discussions happen between the Taryls and Tyrell. After the death of Mace Tyrell, Lady Olenna Tyrell is the eldest representative of the House of Tyrell, who also turned out to be a great politician. The Tyrells then join Lard Tywin Lannister to defeat Stannis in the battle of the Blackwater.

Generally, Tyrell and the men from the Reach always provided the most of the manpower for the army of the Iron Throne. Though, the alliances between Lannister and the Tyrell were never easy.

Some major events took place in the Reach. The invasion by Euron Greyjoy, which almost sailed up to Mander. The Reach has been untouched by the Ironborn for quite a long before Euron. On the other side, Samwel Tarly sails from Bravos to study at the Citadel, which is the most precious and the most valuable heritage of the Reach.

One way or another, the Reach managed to stay one of the strongest and one of the most important parts of the Westeros and of course one of the most beautiful and fertile lands even after the long winter.

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