Pentos the most free city of Essos



Pentos is one of the Free Cities of western Essos. It is a port found on the eastern coast of the Bay of Pentos. It is a huge, wealthy city-state of merchant lords. People and things from Pentos are known as Pentoshi. The city is the home of Magister Illyrio Mopatis. Daenerys and Viserys Targaryen briefly dwell in Pentos for almost one year earlier to Daenerys’s marriage to Khal Drogo.


Pentos is found at generally the mid-latitude of the Free Cities, between Braavos within the north and Volantis within the south. It is due east of King’s Landing, straightforwardly over the Narrow Sea. It is encompassed by prolific coastal fields known as the Flatlands.


Pentos’ economy is based for the most part on the exchange and commerce of items such as cheese. As a result, Pentoshi dealers like Illyrio Mopatis are frequently alluded to derogatorily as “cheese-mongers”. They conduct brisk exchange with the Seven Kingdoms over the Narrow Sea and utilize their riches to pay tribute to the Dothraki to maintain a strategic distance from being sacked by the migrant individuals.

The prince of Pentos

pentos of essos

The Prince of Pentos is the main ruler of the eponymous city. He is chosen from the forty families and incorporates a generally ceremonial work. Mainly, the Sovereign directs over balls and feasts.

The prince rides about the city in a palanquin of ivory and gold. Three heralds go before him carrying the golden scales of exchange, the press sword of war, and the silver tribulation of equity. On the primary day of each Unused Year, the Prince must ravish the servant of the areas and the servant of the oceans. However, when the Pentoshi believe the gods are irate at them—such as after misfortune in a war or a crop failure—they give up the prince by cutting his throat to appease the gods and after that select a modern sovereign from among the forty families.

It shows up that the chosen prince has no right to say if he wants to be Prince of Pentos or not.

Over the course of the final two centuries, Braavos and Pentos battled no less than six wars. Four of them finished in Pentoshi accommodation. The final one, that finished a century prior, went so ineffectively that Pentos had no less than four rulers chosen and sacrificed within a single year.

The fifth one, Prince Nevio Narratys, persuaded the magisters to sue for peace after an uncommon triumph – one supposed to have been acquired by Nevio himself through bribery. The Tattered Prince could be a Pentoshi respectable who fled before getting to be the unused Sovereign of Pentos Years back, a chosen prince fled Pentos after being chosen. When the Windblown’s Tattered Prince was twenty-three, the magisters of Pentos chose him to be their new prince nearly right after they have decapitated the past one. Rather than tolerating their offer he fled to the Debated Lands and never returned to Pentos.

Illyrio Mopatis developed so respectably that a cousin of the Prince of Pentos let him marry his maiden daughter. After Illyrio hitched his moment spouse, the royal residence entryways were closed to him from there on, but he did not care, the cost was little sufficient, for Serra.

In the books

Within the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Pentos was established by Valyrian pioneers as an exchanging station – in spite of the fact that a few sources claim Pentos existed some time recently and its occupants chose to pay homage to the Freehold.

Pentos could be a huge seaport comprising of squat brick buildings and a number of large royal residences and possessions, both inside the dividers and exterior on the fields known as the Flatlands. Pentos’s area makes it particularly helpless to attacks from the Dothraki. As such the Pentoshi merchants are inclined to devouring and gifting the passing Dothraki warlords with extravagant parties and endowments to conciliate them into not pulverizing their property.

Slavery was, in fact, unlawful in Pentos due to a settlement forced by Braavos a hundred a long time before the occasions within the books. In any case, the affluent Magisters mock this law and keep bronze-collared “servants” that are slaves in all but title.

A few Magisters are indeed included within the slave trade. According to the TV arrangement official articulation direct created for the cast and group, “Pentos” is articulated “PEN-tos”, as restricted to “Pen-TOES”, etc.


Remind me never to become the Prince of Pentos.

—Tyrion Lannister, to Illyrio Mopatis

There was no slavery in the free city of Pentos. Nonetheless, they were slaves.

— Thoughts of Daenerys Targaryen

In Pentos, we have a saying. Never ask the baker what went into the pie. Just eat.

— The Tattered Prince to Quentyn Martell



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