Myr is one of the nine Free Cities of western Essos, located to the east of Westeros. It is a famous harbor city in Westeros and it has a view of the Sea of Myrrh, a great part of the Narrow Sea. The city is covered by the council of Magisters and they don’t have an official religion. Magisters are chosen from the richest and the most influential citizens, most of which are military. The people of Myr worship various gods and therefore have mixed religions. Myr’s tradesmen are wealthy merchants who trade with glassware and clothing.


Myr is located on the top of Essos and is surrounded by Pentos and Tyrosh. There you can find ancient temples and other kinds of holy places that are intended for various gods. Among them, one of the most powerful gods is R’hllor which is worshipped by the people of other Free Cities as well and the red temple is dedicated to this god. The west of Myr is bordered by the Sea of Myrth, making the city a wonderful place for flourishing the trades industry. Besides, Myr is a major military center and their craft has been sailing the narrow sea years now.


Myr trading cityMyrish people are usually described as dark-haired and dark-eyed people with olive-green skin. They most likely originate from Rhoyar because of their external characteristics but this theory is not confirmed. Their language is High Valyrian but they have a rough accent which sounds like bastards accent. One of the sources of their economy is slavery. Every single freeborn has its slaves. They are ill-treated, having trademarks on the neck. Some of the Myrish people are served by the Unsullied as well. They have their national song called “The Seasons of my love” which hasn’t been sung completely on the show but sounds sad and sweet. In the series, Lancel Lannister sings it to queen Cersei and also, the first girl Tyrion has ever slept with used to sing it to him.

One of the most famous residents of Myr is Thoros who appeared in the series and accompanied Beric Dondarion to defeat Ser Gregor Clegane. He fought in the Greyjoy Rebellion at the side of Robert Baratheon and served Beric and his Brotherhood.


Myr is the most progressive in the terms of economy among other Free Cities. They have several banks and since it’s a merchant city, trading is a common activity for Myrish people. trade internationally with carpets, glass, and nets, and their Lenscrafters is unrivaled in the world. It is known that people in Winterfell and Castle black usually use the Myrish lens. Also, Myrish people are popular for their art, culture, and intelligence. Myrish carpets are so beautiful that they worth the price of gold and their green nectar-like wine also deserves to be mentioned. People come to Myr to admire their paintings and samples of art mostly made by the slaves. How weird it may seem, they also produce fire wine which is used to heal wounds.


The independent city of Myr was established after merchant voyagers had taken Andal town from the Valyrian Freehold. But this version isn’t accepted by everyone and there’s an alternative story that it had been occupied by the people who existed at the time of Down Age before the Long Night. The city of Myr was governed by the Black Walls of Volantis who also possessed Lys and the Doom of Valyria. Later Lys and Myr started a riot defeated Volantis with the help of Aegon Targaryen. After that, there has been a lot of rebellions, battles, and riots, but during this time Targaryens always had been honorable for the Myrish people and now they remain an independent city. In the series, it’s among the three of Free Cities that Daenerys Targaryen and his brother, Vyseris visited while traveling.

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