Meeren is one of the slave-trade cities, along with Astapor and Yunkai. Like both of them, it is a descendant of the ancient Ghis Empire. It was because of the connection with this ancient state that the symbol of Meereen was the Ghiscar harpy, which adorned the highest pyramid in the city.

The slave trade was the basis of the city before its capture, but the slave trade did not completely disappear with the arrival of the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen. The slaves from Astapor and Yunkai, who had come with Daenerys and were liberated, as well as the Meereen slaves released, were ready to voluntarily re-sell into slavery, in need of money and food. Upon learning of this, Daenerys decided to take control of the trafficking process, allowing only those who volunteered to buy and sell. In addition, the slavers had to pay tithing in favor of the new mistress Meereen.

Meeren cityIt should be said that in Meereen a slave swordsman is cheaper than a sword itself. Warriors are trained in fighting pits. Young boys and girls are assigned to brothels.

The city is located in Slaver’s Bay. The northern wall of Meereen is stretched along the Skahazadhan River, the western wall along the sea. In Skahazadhan the city lowers its sewage and takes water for drinking from deep wells.

Powerful walls, equipped with bastions and defensive towers on each corner, strong gates with bronze harpies on top, through which, if necessary, the defenders of the city doused enemies with boiling oil – Meereen was almost impregnable.

There were about twenty pyramids in the city, but the most famous was the Great Pyramid of Meereen, which reached eight hundred feet high. Another significant structure was the Temple of the Graces.

Meereen was built of bricks of red, yellow, blue, green, and orange. Wide streets, temples and breadbaskets, shacks, and palaces, baths and brothels, gardens and fountains, fighting pits – that’s what this huge city was like.

Previously, the city was ruled by the most influential slavers, called the Great Masters, whose council solved the main issues related to the city’s politics. But after Daenerys Targaryen freed the slaves and killed the main slavers, she took power into her own hands.


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