Lorath one of nine free cities



Lorath is one of nine free cities. It is located on a group of islands off the northern coast of Essos. It is the poorest, sparsely populated, and less-developed of the Free Cities, almost isolated from all the others. Lorath is massively dependent on fishing, hunting whales, and seals. The islands of Lorath are notable for their huge stone labyrinths, built by a long-extinct race.


Lorath is located on the west side of the largest group of islands surrounded by the sea. It is located in the bay of the Shivering Sea on the north of the coast of Essos, west of the Topor Peninsula and east of Braavos.

The city’s territory includes three main islands of the archipelago, a dozen or two smaller islands and uninhabited rocks in the sea, as well as a wooded peninsula south of the islands.


lorath the free cityIn the old times, the islands of Lorath were home to a mysterious race known as maze builders. It died out for unknown reasons, leaving behind huge stone labyrinths, still decorating the islands. Later here settled hairy people, relatives to the Ibben, and even later armed with iron weapons the Andals from Andalos, who killed most of the hairy people, and the survivors were turned into slavery. On the islands, there were several Andal kingdoms, on the largest island – at once four.

A thousand and a half years before Qarlon the Great, the Andalian King united the islands and built his wooden palace in the middle of an ancient labyrinth. Trying to subdue all the Andals, not just the inhabitants of the Lorath Islands, he conquered the neighboring kingdoms, creating a large empire covering the northwest coast of Essos from the far west to the island of Sekira. Qarlon the Great entered the war with the Valyrian colony of Norvos; Valyrians who came to the rescue with their dragons killed the Andals and left Lorath deserted.

In 1322, before the Doom of Valyria, a Valyrian sect was established worshipping to the Blind God Boash on the islands. It was from this long-disappeared sect that modern Lorath aristocrats inherited the manner of speaking about themselves in the third person, as Jaqen H’ghar did. The latter is a notable personality in Braavos and is a member of the Faceless Men who are trained and skillful assassins.

Gradually, Lorath grew at the expense of fishermen, visitors from Ib, Andalos, and other countries, even runaway slaves from Valyria. Over time, the priests of the Blind God became greedy and depraved, and the popular uprising overthrew their power. Instead, the Lorathians established a Republic on the islands in the Valyrian manner, electing three life-long rulers: Prince of Harvest, Prince Of Fishermen, and Prince of Streets. The isolation of the city protected it from ruin in the Bloody Age, although some Lorathi people served as mercenaries in Braavos or Norvos.


Lorath has its own colony, Morosh, which is considered the largest seaport in the seas between Lorath and Port of Ibben.


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