House Tyrell

House Tyrell


“Growing Strong” is the main motto of the house of Tyrell and so they did from the very beginning. The house Tyrell is none of the royal kind and thus stands far away from being a true blood noble, but is the one which made the name and the wealth and novelty, by growing strong and continuing progress.

House of Tyrell is one of the most acceptable houses in the whole history of Game of Thrones. The Tyrell family is one of the calmest, polite, and very loveable families, with no enemies, crimes, and jealousness. The house of Tyrell is the balance between the Lannisters and the Starks. The house has been living on fairness and modesty. They never had a will to conquer or never had the desire to rule. All they always wanted was a calm and ruthless life.

This was all alright, as they were serving house Targaryen most of the time, yet everything good ends in the end, and the rouses never come without thorns. The rose is the main symbol of the family of Tyrell and the time-lapse through their life can definitely show this off.


House of Tyrell is an extinct Great House of Westeros. While no one could have imagined and thought of Tyrell going instinct, it happened so due to the wrong enemy choice. The house ruled over the Reach, a vast, very fertile and heavily-populated area and the region in the southwest of Westeros. The caste was seated in the Highgarden as Lords Paramount of the Reach and Wardens of the South after taking control of the region from the House Gardener during the Targaryan conquest.

Ever since then Tyrell’s house, choose to live a calm and fair life, without further concerns and any extra obligations or responsibilities. The people in Highgarden are calm people, who work and live their peaceful lives, which is why the Highgarden is known to be one of the most beautiful and the very well cared for places.

The history of the house begins with the Lord Mace Tyrell. His son was a noted tournament knight Loras, who is also the secret lover of Lord Renly Baratheon. Loras was gay and thus, he and Renley would hide their relationship from people. Moreover, Renley was fo a royal family, and the gay relationship was not something anyone was expecting to form him.

House Tyrell sigleLoras’ sister Margaery was one of the most important characters of the TV episodes, from season 4 to season 6. Margaery and Loras had a very good relationship and siblinghood. While Loras was a famous knight and was in a secret relationship with Renley, Margaery knew it all and was very chill and comfortable with the relationship of her brother and her husband. And yes, Renley Baratheon was Margaery’s husband, whom she married in order to sever the bond with her Tyrell and Baratheon family.

Tyrell and Baratheon were never that close to each other, especially not during the conquest of Aegon Targaryen. In this battle, Tyrell took the side of Targaryen as they knew that going against them simply did not have any logical point and was a dead man joke. Yet, after the death of Mad King, Baratheon and Tyrell was on good terms with each other, via one of the main reasons being the common enemy, the Lannister family.

After the death of Mace Tyrell, the family was reigned by Oleina Tyrell, his wife, who appeared to be very clever and one of the most strategic thinker characters in the TV series. Olenna tried to play fair and tried to put relatively everything on the shelves, yet not everything works the way we want it, and especially we can not cut the roses without thorns. This came to be very much true.

The modern family

Loras Tyrell was one of the best knights known in the kingdom and he always remained faithful to his family and his sister and mother. So was Margaery. She has definitely taken something from her mother but simultaneously has always been careful and faithful to the people around her.

Olenna, on the other hand, was the one who would think of everything in details, and even the terrible death of Joffrey, who many think did not deserve that kind of death, even after all the bad stuff he has contributed to, managed to kill one of the biggest bastards and the most disgusting characters of the Lannister family. And you know what? No one really got a clue it was her until she gave out herself to Jamie.

Margaery was definitely one of the most appealing and beautiful characters of the TV series. So was Loras and Olenna. In general, Highgarden people were an obvious representation of harmony and peacefulness and so they looked alike. She came through a tough way, but was definitely good at negotiations and always knew how to find the correct words for everything and everyone, even in the tensest and tough situation. Margaery was the only person who wanted to care about Sansa Stark as well when she was a political captive in Westeros.

Margaery was married to Renley Baratheon, but after his death, she was married to Joffrey Lannister, in order to maintain good terms with the Lannisters and to be closer to their enemies. Yet, when Oleina killed Joffrey, Margaery was remarried to Tommen Lannister, Joffrey’s brother, who took the Iron Throne after his late brother Joffrey. To be very honest, she was the wife, many men would have desired.

Yet, nonetheless, Tyrell was definitely one of the best and the noblest houses of Seven Kingdoms, who were always on the side of string but kept their lives private and peaceful, without any ars or disagreement, they all were killed in by the wildfire in the Great Sept of Baelor. And guess who contributed to the death the most? Cersei Lannister, yet like all Lannisters she paid her debt, and her believer son Tommen got also killed by the wildfire.

The adequate family

The last generation of Tyrell was Margaraey and Loras, who definitely represented the stable and the very honestly loving family. They don’t have any internal rivalries and the relationship between brother and sister was pure and uncomplicated, which is very far from the relationship of Lannister siblings.

Overall, if watching Lannisters and relatively adequate Starks, Tyrell House is the most adequately represented family. Tyrells are fair and just, their benevolent demeanor serves to lull their enemies into thinking, just like STarks, they are utterly beholden to honorable conduct. Yet, Tyrell is as cunning as the Lannister in court politics and intrigue. All in all the House of Tyrell manages to maintain the perfect balance between Stark’s honor and Lannister’s ruthlessness.


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