House Tully

House Tully


House Tully is one of the greatest Westeros houses in the Game of Thrones. The power of Tully is determined from the very past of the house. While it is one of the most important channels to the modern power of certain other houses it does not have the attention it deserves and the appreciation it should have.

The Tully House is the family which has definitely contributed a lot to the formation of the strongest alliances and also contributed a lot to the formation of the modern families. While all of the houses and families have their own role in the TV series and generally in the whole story, it is important to consider the role of Tully and especially the background of the family.

The Background

House Tully is one of the Great Houses of Westeros. Their territories are the focal piece of the whole continent. Their seat is Riverrun, a manor at the crossroad of the Red Fork of the Trident with the Tumblestone. They rule over the Riverlands from the mansion and the top of the house is the Lord of Riverrun.

House Tully rose to unmistakable quality during the Wars of Conquest. Ruler Edmyn Tully opposed the King of the Isles and the Riverlands, Harren the Black, to help the attacking House Targaryen. Edmyn’s individual Riverlords followed his lead. When Aegon Targaryen built up his rules and conditions from the Iron Throne he remunerated Edmyn, lifting the Tullys to Lord Paramount of the Riverlands.

At the beginning of the War of the Five Kings, House Tully went under assault by House Lannister and loaned its help for House Stark when they went to their guide in the freedom of the Riverlands. House Tully has since been officially deprived of grounds and titles for rebellion to the Iron Throne, with Lord Edmure a hostage of House Frey following the Red Wedding.

House Tully

Afterward, Ser Brynden Tully assembled the rest of the Tully powers and recovered Riverrun from the Freys, reviving a clash between the Tullys and the Iron Throne. The Freys lay attack to Riverrun and were later helped by the Lannisters on the sets of King Tommen I. Ser Jaime Lannister figured out how to end the attack by persuading Edmure Tully to order the army to set out their weapons as a byproduct of pardon and security. Brynden was murdered during the last remnant with Lannister and Frey powers while Edmure has come back to the Freys as a prisoner. Following the deaths of many representatives of House Frey and the destruction of Cersei Lannister at King’s Landing, Edmure is liberated and reestablished to his titles and terrains.

House Tully battled on the Iron Throne during the War of the Ninepenny Kings. Hoster Tully and Brynden Tully battled during the contention. The two siblings later separated on caustic terms after Brynden dismissed his more established sibling’s order that he wed Bethany Redwyne so as to seal a marriage settlement with House Redwyne. Brynden broke ties with Holster, acquiring the name “Blackfish”, which likewise turned into his own sigil later on. Hoster later wedded Lady Minisa of House Whent and they created three youngsters: two little girls Catelyn, Lysa, and a son named Edmure.

Its present head is Lord Edmure Tully. His sisters, Catelyn and Lysa, wedded Lords Eddard Stark and Jon Arryn during Robert’s Rebellion, shaping an incredible alliance of major houses. Together, the Tully-Stark-Arryn alliance vanquished the “Distraught King” Aerys II and ended Targaryen’srule over the Seven Kingdoms.

Modern Family

You should have already seen some of the most familiar names and some of the most familiar and important alliances. While Edmure Tully is definitely one of the most important characters who has definitely contributed a lot to the formation of the strong coalitions, Catelyn Tully is non the less important character.

The most important occasions and the leading characters of the TV show are Starks and Lannisters. The Stark children are all from Ned Stark and Catelyn Tully, who obviously is the mother of Stark and thus the mother of heroes. Although she did not make it till season five and was killed right next to her eldest son, Rob Stark, she still contributed a lot to the modern family formation.

Catelyn Stark, who used to be Tully before the marriage, was a political person as well, as she assisted her husband in the ruling of the house of Starks. She was a very strong woman, and if Cersei was the strongest Lannister and strongest woman of the west, Catelyn Straks was the strongest woman of the North.

At some point during the show, the Tully family did not take a huge power and the very crucial role in the show, yet it is all because of the history ad the background of the family, where they have already done quite a lot in the development of the region, and the war against Mad King and Targaryen.


House Tully is one of the greatest Houses of Westeros. The highest ranks and the titles owned by the house family members were the Lord of Riverrun and the Lord Paramount of the Trident. All of this was until the Red Wedding, where the Frey house appeared to betray everyone and everything for money. Not only the house of Tully but also the house of Stark.

The head of the modern family of the house of Tully is Lord Edmure Tully, who is the son of the late Hoster Tully. The sigil of the house of Tully, which is the silver trout on a red and blue background, is also brought and formed according to the history and the background of the family. The house words are “Family, Duty, Honor”.

Actually if thinking of the main power of the House of Tully, we shall soon discover that it is all about loyalty and the honor they carry. In the history of the house of Tully, there were no traitors and none of Tully was assassinated for dishonesty. This is a very important aspect, as families like Frey always tried to make it work through money and keeping up with the strongest side. While Tully never did that, and the main priority for the family always remained the honesty and the family.

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