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Many of us criticize the TV show or the book in general, we pick up our favorite characters and authors, whom we would or would not like to see, but let’s all agree on one thing. The Game of Thrones would have been literally nothing without the House of Stark. The grey dare wolf sign has become the inspiration for many artistic works, as well as the words “Winter is coming” has become one of the most popular phrases since the moment first heard.

House of Stark is one of the most ancient and the most symbolic houses in the whole GoT universe. If not Starks we would have had a completely different plot and the twists and let’s say without some of the main characters who are representatives of the house of Stark the show would not have had the whole vibe and the perk.

The background

The House Stark of Winterfell is one of the greatest houses of the Westeros. Moreover, they are the royal house representatives, as Starks was known to be the rulers of the Kingdom of the North, automatically being one of those 7 Kingdoms that are related to the story. The rulers of the North were always seated in Winterfall, and this remained to be the last stop for everyone heading to the North.

Winterfell came out to be one of the most strategic points as well, as it was the main area and the main and very important town for the Night Watch, who were the guardians of the North and were always preparing for the long night and the winter, which finally came.

The Stark House is also one of the oldest Westerosi nobility so far as well, claiming a line of descent stretching back over eight thousand years. The Stark House used to reign and rule the North, before the Targaryen conquest, as well as during the War of Five Kings and during the Daenerys Targaryen’s war for Westeros.

And what was then?

Dare WolfThe Stark House was one of the strongest nobilities. The house traces back to Bran the Builder, who was a legendary First Man, who lives during the Age of Heroes and who is the actual founder of the Stark House. The family ruled over many small houses who were also established in the North. Yet all of them were on their own until the Stark House defeated the Bolton and Red King. Only after that did Stark managed to unite all of the smaller families under the North Kingdom. Several centuries before the Targaryen conquest, Karlon Stark, who is the younger son of the King of the North, was awarded land in the eastern region of the North.

Karlon was able to defeat the rebellion started by the House of Bolton and successfully managed to put together all of the territories. Soon Karlon’s seat of Karl’s Hold became. known as Karlhold and the Star descendants from Karl were then known as Karstarks, who then became one of the smaller noble families under the reign of Starks in the North.

Then a modern period of the Game of Thrones time was already far beyond the ancient descendants and the ruler of the North, as well as King of the North was Ned Stark, who was a strong ruler and had the territory bloomed, as well as managed to start long time preparation form the long winter. He was the one who warned all of his children of “Winter is coming”, and thus ingrained this in their minds.

Once Ned Stark was brought to the King’s land, where the king was his old-time friend, Robert Baratheon, who was definitely far from being the best king but was a decent friend, Ned got killed. The incident happened due to the fact that Ned discovered the terrible secret of Robert’s children’s real parents, among whom was Robert’s wife the Queen Cersei, and her twin brother Jamie Lannister.

As soon as both Robert and Ned were killed, the Lannister family wanted to take over the North throne, which was reigned by Ned’s eldest son, Rob Stark. Rob, just like his father tried to be a good king and wanted to pay off for his father’s death as well as form the army to prepare for winter.

Unfortunately, Rob could not go further than the 4th season and got killed by the Ramsey family, who were in conspiracy with the Lannisters. Soon after, Greyjoy who took over the seat in the Winterfell killed two farmer kids and represented them as Bran and Rickon Stark. After all of this, all of the kingdoms and people thought that the masculine side of the stark family did not survive and thus, the Boltons were the ones who became the new rulers of The North.


The Stark characters were all relatively more or less strong and long-lasting. Though, whenever you thought that there is a new hero and main character from the side of Stark House, they would die within a single or couple of episode times. Ned Stark, who was supposedly the main hero of the TV series, got killed in the first season, soon followed by Rob Stark and his wife.

Rickon Stark, who would never look like the main character, but still was the representative of the Stark family got killed in the 6th season. Yet, Sansa and Arya Stark, as well as Bran Stark, made it until the very end, and apparently came out as the main characters and the main relief for the long winter and the main opponents of the Lannisters.

On the other hand, there is also a very interesting backline of Jon Snow, whom we got introduced as the bastard of Ned Stark. As it was shown in season 7, Jon was not a bastard of Ned, but instead was Ned Stark’s sister’s son. Jon this way became one of the main characters and one of the most interesting lines in the TV series, as he was the only male in Targaryen’s House, who was also linked to the Stark house from his mother’s side.

The Stark family is not only the noble one but also the only family, who survived the last war and who managed to become the ruler of seven Kingdoms at the end of all of the episodes. On the other hand, Sansa and Arya, as well as Bran and Jon managed to go through one of the biggest transformations during the whole TV Show.

Sansa who was the quiet and very powerless character, came out to be one of the strongest leaders of the North. Arya managed to defeat the white walkers, while Bran Starks became the three-eyed raven and King of the North. And well Jon Snow, had it all, but well, the rebel was in his blood anyway.

The North remembers all of the harsh, hard and tough and never forgets, yet is always ready to welcome the strict and long night of winter

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