House Martell

House Martell


The Game of Thrones’ world is full of exquisitely drawn characters but even more complex houses and their structures. Even those who have never seen the show or read the books know about the House Stark or the House Lannister. This massive impact of the GOT houses continues to influence popular culture all around the world.

Nevertheless, only those who are genuinely interested in this epic world are aware of its gigantic size. Westerose is very big and so is the number of houses located within it. From Tully to Tyrell, there are quite a few less-known houses that play an important role in every aspect of daily living across the world of GOT.

The background

House Martell undoubtedly is one of the great houses of Westeros. They occupy the territory around the Dorne peninsula, in the very south of the continent. The Martell House is geographically the southernmost in Westeros. Their castle Sunspear is the base for the House and significant political influence over the continent. The Martell was always loyal to the Iron Throne. Nevertheless, Targaryens never conquered the Martells. As a result, this house is known for pursuing a more discreet and enclosed political stance. They rarely show off or make bold statements within a wider political sphere. The house has been particularly calm and isolated after Robert’s rebellion.

House Martell sigleThis House has an exquisite sigil. The background is a yellow field with a red sun on it. The latter is pierced by the golden spear. This sigil represents the old Martell symbolism whilst emphasizing on the emblem of princess Nymeria – red sun. It bolsters the significance of the marriage between her and Mors Martell. This house also has some powerful words which are “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”.

Following the assassination of Doran Martell and his only successor Prince Tystane, by Ellaria Sand and the three Sand Snakes, the snakes carried the blood of Martells through Oberyn Martell, their father. Despite the assassination, the Sand Snakes kept on using the Martell Sigil to represent the region and themselves.

During the rule of Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes, the House Martell and Dorne united in support of Daenerys Targaryen against the House Lannister. The latter declared war on them. As the older Sand Snakes die whilst Ellaria is imprisoned in King’s Landing, an unnamed Martell takes over the leadership. According to some, Ellaria died in prison.


This house has a long line of characters. Yet, their fate is full of blood as all significant members of the Martell House get killed within a certain period. Nevertheless, after the Sand rule, an unnamed Martell still manages to take back control.

Doran Martell, Prince – he is the Prince of Dorne and Lord of Sunspear. He is an elderly man that has kept the Martell house out of the big military invasions. He is suffering from gout, practically unable to walk. As such, he spends most of his time in a wheelchair. He was assassinated by Ellaria Sand during her Seizure of Power.

Elia Martell, Princess – she is the princess of the House and a middle sibling to Doran Martell. She is married to Rhaegar Targaryen. During the sack of the king’s landing, she was raped and murdered by Gregor Clegane. Her two young children were also killed during the event. Rhaenys Targaryen was four years old and Aegon Targaryen was an infant.

Oberyn Martell, Prince – he is the youngest sibling to Doran and the prince of the House Martell. He is known for numerous poisoning accidents. He has 8 bastard daughters, also known as the “Sand Snakes”. He was killed by Gregor Clegane while Oberyn was championing Tyrion Lannister through the trial by combat.

Trystane Martell, Prince – he is the prince of the Martell House and son of Doran Martell, making Trystane his successor. He is engaged to Myrcella Baratheon. He is assassinated by Obara Sand.


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