House Baratheon

House Baratheon


House Baratheon is another royal family in the Game of Thrones TV series. This family is a little extra from the rest of the Game of Thrones royals. Baratheon’s family was one of the most important families at the beginning of the series, and we all put our hopes on Robert and his title, though nothing always happens the way we expect things to happen, especially in Game of Thrones.

In the very first episode of the Game of Thrones TV series, we meet Robert Baratheon who is the king of the Westeros. He is also a very close friend of Ned Stark, who is the King of the North and the lord of one of the noblest families, which is Stark.

The backstory of the Baratheon family is also very interesting, where they came from and how they started. The end of the Baratheons came very soon, after the death of Robert and his brothers. The only Baratheon we were left with is Gendry Baratheon, bastard of Stannis Baratheon, Robert’s brother.

The Background

House Baratheon is one of the greatest houses of Westeros. The Baratheon family has the royal and the cadet branch. The cadet branch was formerly the royal house, but the Lannisters took control of the throne, as always. Yet, nothing always goes as smoothly as promised and Lannisters soon lose the house to House Targaryen.

The traditional reigning place for House Baratheon is Stormlans on the eastern coast of Westeros, named after its frequent storms, from where their seat of Storm ends. The Stormlands is not rich and is not as strong as Kingsland, though it has its own strength in the face of shipbuilding and the cadet army.

House Baratheon was established by Orys Baratheon, a general in the military of King Aegon I Targaryen, the founding father of the Targaryen dynasty who vanquished the Seven Kingdoms. Orys Baratheon was likewise reputed to be Aegon’s charlatan relative. He vanquished Argilac the Arrogant, the only one left of the Storm Kings, and caught his castle of Storm’s End. For his achievements, Orys was made Lord of Storm’s End and established House Baratheon. Orys took the sigil and expressions of the vanquished House Durrandon as his own, establishing his standard over the Stormlands by marrying Argella Durrandon, the daughter of the fallen Argilac.

House BaratheonAfter 281 years, Lord Robert Baratheon led the rebellion against King Aerys II Targaryen after his oldest child and heir, Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, escaped with Robert’s daughter, Lyanna Stark. Robert, who was upheld by Eddard Stark, Jon Arryn, and Hoster Tully, slew Rhaegar at the Battle of the Trident, and King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, was soon a while later fired by Tywin Lannister in Robert’s name. Toward the finish of the defiance, Ned Stark found his sister Lyanna in the Tower of Joy in Dorne, where she soon died “in a bed of blood” and left the mystery of a child unsolved and secret to her brother. With the last known Targaryens – Prince Viserys and Princess Daenerys – having fled over the Narrow Sea to the Free Cities of Essos, Robert rose to the Iron Throne as King Robert I. He was married to Tywin’s only daughter, Cersei Lannister, and in this manner shaped the regal cadet branch House Baratheon of King’s Landing and became the king who was seated on the Iron Throne. Robert named Jon Arryn as his Hand.

At the point when Robert turned into the new ruler, he left his youngest sibling Renly Baratheon, who was just a kid at that point, in charge of ruling the Stormlands from Storm’s End. In the meantime, he delegated his older sibling Stannis Baratheon as the new Lord of Dragonstone. Dragonstone was generally the seat of the heir to the Iron Throne. This framed the cadet branch House Baratheon of Dragonstone, which was set by Stannis’ union with Selyse Florent. This likewise made Stannis the master ruler of a few minor peripheral islands of the Crownlands which were in Blackwater Bay.

This was viewed as an assault to Stannis, who had failed to catch and kill the last Targaryens at Dragonstone when he ambushed the tempest ridden island, as desolate and secluded Dragonstone was not as well off or desired as Storm’s End. Nonetheless, Stannis was a demonstrated military authority and a devoted vassal of his experience was expected to reign in Dragonstone, whose lord decided over the houses that had been the most faithful to House Targaryen.

Renly and Stannis both served on Robert’s personal councils as Master of Laws and Master of Ships, respectively. Be that as it may, they were still titled as Lords and not Princes, even when Robert became the official king of Westeros. This might have been due to the fact that they still belonged to the lower class of the branch of the House Baratheon.

This fact itself is a little strange, as the envision of dividing the power and the lands according to Robert is yet unclear. Maybe he never had a plan at all, and he did not see the future generation of Baratheon on the throne. There are several variations of how everything should have looked, whether he wanted to permanently unite the Crownlands around Kings Landing with the Stormlans around Storm’s End. The other version is that they wanted to give the Storm End and Stormlans to the cadet branch of House Baratheon, formed by Stannis Baratheon, and wanted to give it to Stannis or Renley’s children, while Robert’s own children would rule the Crownlands.

There is one more version. Robert might have wanted to cut his younger brother out of a succession of the throne entirely and leave everything to his younger son, Tommen, who then came out to be the King of Westeros, after the death of Robert and his elder brother Joffrey. We will never know as Robert ended his life in season 1 with his unexpected death.

Modern Family

House Baratheon became the royal house of Seven Kingdoms after Robert Baratheon, who led the rebellion against the Targaryen dynasty. Once the rebellion came to the end and Baratheon won the battle, Robert Baratheon ascended the Iron Throne as Robert I. Here is the moment he married Cersei Lannister after the death of Lyanna Stark, who was also the sister of Ned Stark, and whom Robert loved until the end of his life.

Robert was far away from being a good or a strong king. Cersei and her father both hated him and considered him as unworthy of the throne. Would Robert have known that he did not even have his own children, but bastards of his wife Cersei with her brother Jemie, most probably he would have killed her and perhaps changed his plans regarding the Storm End?

Robert was killed in the first season, due to the fact that Ned Stark wanted to tell him the truth regarding his wife and his children. His whole dynasty or the House Baratheon ended with the death of Stannis and Renley.

The power

Stannis did have an important role in the TV series, as he was the lover of the red Lady, who was the descendant of the God of Fire. he even killed his own daughter as a sacrifice for the gods. Stannis was a wise shipbuilder and definitely had his own weight among the cadets and the army. Renley, on the other hand, was not a very strong character of the TV series but definitely showed the power as well.

House Baratheon has a sign of the crowned black slag with a gold background. The words of their house are “Ours Is the Fury”, which is very logical since their original place of residence is where the fury is very often and the storms take over. Basically, their sign indicated their power which they manage to use in the battle against nature.

Overall, while House Baratheon is not the main point of the TV series, it is still a very important family, which contributed a lot to the general formation of Westeros as well as contributed a lot to fight the enemies.



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