Dorne is another great part of Westeros. It is one of the most outstanding regions as well. The climate and the natural resources are very strict in Dorne and thus, it is one of the least populated areas in the whole Westeros. Due to the very uncommon and undesired natural conditions of Dorne, people and the life in the region is none of the easy ones.

In spite of numerous factors, which contribute to the formation of Dorne and its people, Dorne is the largest peninsula which makes the most of the southernmost part of Westeros. It is one of the constituent regions of the Seven Kingdoms. The main lords ruling the Dorne are of the House Nymeros Martell, who usually call themselves as Prince and the Princess of the Rhoynish fashion. The capital of the region, where the Martell rule is Suspear, which is outside of the shadow city. There are quite a few notable houses that originated from Dorne. The bastards of the notable families have the surname Sand.


the DorneDorne has a very strict and severe climate. It is the hottest region in the whole of Westeros. The region is very rocky and mountainous. There is dry air and has one and the only desert on the whole continent Dorne is bordered by the Sea of Dorne to the north, the Spepstone Islands to the east, and the Summer Sea to the South. The Dorne is stretched between the Red Mountains, which also separates Dorne from the Reach and the Stormlands.

There are two major passes, which are the Boneway and the Price’s Pass, which go through the Red Mountain to the Dornish Marches of the Stormlands. Most of the Dorne south parts of the Red Mountain are arid wastelands. The Eastern Dorne largely and mostly consists of the dry, stony solid, which is definitely not suited for agriculture. On the other side, western Dorne contains deserts of red and white sands. The lords of that region are considered to be the Lords of the Red Dunes.

While the land is not fertile, due to the rocky surface and the dry air, the Dorne’s rivers still provide enough water to supply the whole population of Dorne. The rivers and the frequent rain during even the hottest summer make the banks of the rivers fertile and the drinkable water of the region has almost the same value as the gold.


There are several rivers that flow into the Summer Sea or the Sea of Dorne, the origin of some of them is yet unknown. While the land is not fertile, there are still some of the st exotic fruits and products in the region, as well as some of the best sweetest and reddish wine in Westeros.

Dorne produces some of the most uncommon and exotic fruits and products are known to the rest of the Seven Kingdoms. The products include the olives, the lemons, pomegranate, plums, cloth, different varieties of spices, and the blood oranges. Lemon orchards and presumably other plants as well are watered by the spider’s web canals. This is perhaps why the taste of those products is known to all of the citizens of the Seven Kingdoms. Due to the hot climate in the desert of Dorne water is very valuable. Dorne and its agriculture are also famous for its use of spicy dragon peppers. And now, imagine how spicy they could actually be.

Dornish people produce their own wine. While the climate is definitely not suitable for any agriculture and it might actually sound very strange how this region possibly has one of the best wines, it definitely has. The wine from this region is called “Dornish Red”. The wines from the region are usually very sour and occasionally can be rich in taste. The strong wines from Dorne can also be dark as blood and have a very sweet taste.

Another very important thing, Dorne is famous for is the horse or the Fable. The horses in Dorne are of very outstanding visuals and beauty. The horses are very slim and swift, with very elegant heads and long necks, flowing manes. They are considered to be the most beautiful horses in the whole Seven Kingdoms. They are not similar to normal horses, as they are a bit shorter and very light bones. Due to this fact, they can not carry the heavy armor and are definitely not the best war-horses, though they can run for two days long, before getting tired, without any urge to drink.

The inspiration of the region came to George R.R Martin from Spain, Palestine, and Wales. Truly, the region definitely looks like all of them and has something borrowed from all three countries.


As mentioned before, Dorne is the least populated region of the whole Seven Kingdoms. Dornishmen differ both culturally and ethically from the other Westeros population. This is mainly due to the historical mass immigration of Rhoynish people and their relative isolation. Dornishmen have a reputation of hot-blooded and sexual licentiousness, which is why none of the families and people can fully trust Dornishmen and always cause distrust in others.

Martels used to have one of the strongest armies known to the Seven Kingdoms. Despite the relatively small population of Dorne, they always had decent military power, which is outstanding and uncommon to all the rest of the people. It is believed that Martell could raise around fifty thousand soldiers and once. This is one of the biggest numbers in the whole Seven Kingdoms. The number of the military force of Martel is also clearly described in the book The Conquest of Drone by King Daeron I Targaryen. The number of the soldiers is pretty exaggerated in order to highlight the great victory of Targaryen, but Martell never opposed and changed the number either, in order to maintain the impression of the huge army force.


There was the first Dawn Age, during which the children of the forest referred to desolated Dorne as the Empty Land, due to the dry climate and the huge desert the territory owns.

First Men

The First Men settled Westeros by crossing the land bridge over the narrow ocean called the Arm of Dorne. During their extraordinary war with the First Men, the offspring of the timberland supposedly broke the Arm with the hammer of the waters trying to stop them coming.

First Men houses who built up themselves as unmistakable rulers included House Dayne, the Kings of the Turrentine; House Fowler, the Kings of Stone and Sky; and House Yronwood, the Blood Royals who styled themselves High King of Dorne. An opponent High King of Dorne was additionally chosen out of twelve houses along the Greenblood.

Dorne has had a very violent and bloody history, especially with the places of the Red Mountains, who lived by striking over the outskirts into the Dornish Marches, fighting with one another continuously. The different Dornish lords, the Kings of the Reach, and the Storm Kings battled outskirt wars past tally and made endless attacks across mountains and walks in any event.


There was the Andal Invasion in Westeros a thousand years ago. During the invasion, most of the Andals avoided the invasion of Dorne. As they had quite a few adventures in the Ullers, Vaiths, and some other places. Some of the realms were established exactly at this time. The Maretlls managed to defeat two First Men houses, and thus claimed their territories afterward.

House Nymeros Martell

Hundreds of years back, Dorne was an alliance of First Men and Andal unimportant rulers and masters, with no ruler sufficiently able to hold onto control of the whole area. Hundreds of years ago, or on the other hand a thousand years ago, the Rhoynish Wars constrained the people of the Rhoynar to escape their country along the Rhoyne in Essos. Driven by their legendary warrior-queen, Nymeria, they left in an armada of ten thousand boats, in the long run making landfall at the mouth of the Greenblood in Dorne. Nymeria aligned with Lord Mors Martell of the Sandship, and with his help conquered the whole peninsula in Nymeria’s War, joining it with House Nymeros Martell of Sunspear as its ruler.

While the rulers from the remainder of Westeros utilized the title “lord”, the new leaders of Dorne utilized the Rhoynish title “prince or princess.” Yet despite no longer being rulers, the Ironwoods, the second most remarkable house in Dorne, kept on calling themselves “the Bloodroyal”.

The Rhoynar carried their own divine gods with them to Dorne, yet they have generally vanished for the Faith of the Seven. By the by, numerous Rhoynish traditions, including legacy paying little heed to sexual orientation, have been retained into Dornish society. Descendants of the Rhoynar who have not absorbed into Dornish society are known as vagrants of the Greenblood.

House Targaryen

Almost three centuries ago, Aegon I Targaryen claimed the Seven Kingdoms and invaded the whole Westeros. During his conquest, he subjugated each of the Westerosi monarchs one by one, except Dorne. Rhaenys Targaryen, who was the sister of Aegon, flew to Dorne on her dragon and met Meria Martell, Princess of Dorne, who warned that the Targaryens would face peril if they still decided to attack Dorne.

Yet, this was held for some time only, as some time after, Aegon decided to form another campaign and this began the First Dornish War. Dornish people obviously refused to kneel in front of Aegon and refused the open battle but instead went to the castles and the mountains and forests, where even the dragons could not find them. Queen Whaenys, sister of Aegon, also participated in the war and was killed in the war. So was killed her dragon Meraxes.

While Dorne managed to stay independent, House Targaryen continued to claim Iron Throne’s control over the region. Though at some point they even managed to find peace between each other, and Dornish people even were upset about the death of Jaehaerys I Targaryen.

It was King Daeron I Targaryen who conquested the Dorne and even wrote a book about his own conquest and invasion of Dorne. Daeron attacked Dorne from three separate sports. One was Red Mountain, the second was from the sea and the third one personally attacked by Daeron from the Boneway. The invasion continued for one full year. Finally, the agreement was reached between Lyonel Tyrell and Daeron I Targaryen, and when Daeron left to King’s Landing, he left Lyonel in charge of Dorne.

As Lyonel was murdered by House Qorgyl, Daeron came back and had several victories on his side. Yet, with his death, the conquest of Dorne also came to the end.

Modern History

Oberyn Martell The Dornishmen shut their fringes and effectively kept the Great Spring Sickness from coming to Dorne. Prince Aegon Targaryen and Ser Duncan the Tall visited Dorne after the competition at Ashford Meadow.

The mother of Doran Martell had served at the Targaryen court as a woman in-holding up to Princess Rhaella Targaryen before acquiring the title to Dorne. In 279 AC, she promised her little daughter Elia Martell to the marriage sovereign, Rhaegar Targaryen. In mid 280 AC, Prince Doran Martell saw his sister marry Rhaegar at the Great Sept of Baelor. Later that year, Elia gave birth to her first kid, Rhaenys. Her next child was, Aegon, who was brought into the world close to the new year. However, Rhaegar disappeared with Lyanna Stark, one of the occasions which started Robert’s Rebellion.

Lord Doran Martell was furious about the manner in which his sister had been treated by Rhaegar. Therefore, he was delayed to loan any guide to the Targaryens. Late in the war, Doran consented to send ten thousand Dornishmen to battle in the supporter armed force, under the order of his uncle, Prince Lewyn Martell of the Kingsguard, understanding that Elia, as the spouse to the crown ruler, would one day become ruler and that her child Aegon would one day be king.

In any case, Rhaegar passed on at the Battle of the Trident, as did Doran’s uncle, Lewyn. King Aerys II Targaryen, persuaded that Lewyn had betrayed Rhaegar on the Trident, would not send Elia and her kids to Dragonstone close by his own spouse and new heir. Not long after that, during the Sack of King’s Landing, Elia and her kids were brutally murdered.

Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell traveled to Red Mountain for Dorne to free his sister Lyanna Stark. He was together with six friends and they were fighting against three Dornishmen, who were famous for their strength and skills. Ned Straks and one more of his companions were the only survivors. His sister was in the castle of joy. Ned found her dying in the castle and she left him a secret, which then evolved and has the whole story and plot based on it.

On the other hand, Oberyn Martel came to King’s Landing to seek revenge for his late sister Elia Martell and her children. He wanted to have revenge but unfortunately was killed brutally by Sir Gregor Clegane. Then, his wife and his children wanted to have revenge on Lannister, who was in charge of the death of Oberyn.

Oberyn’s wife and daughters joined the force against Targaryen, and thus Dorne still almost remained untouched.

Oberyn’s daughters, the Sand Snakes, request vengeance for their dad and decide to lead the angry Dornish against the Baratheons, Lannisters, and Tyrells. Oberyn’s careful sibling, Prince Doran, has the Sand Snakes seized, luckily.

Doran’s girl, Princess Arianne Martell, plots to crown Myrcella and spot her on the Iron Throne, since Myrcella is older than her sibling, King Tommen I Baratheon. Her arrangement vacillates on the Greenblood, be that as it may. Ser Arys Oakheart of the Kingsguard is killed by Areo Hotah, while Myrcella is injured by Darkstar, Ser Gerold Dayne. One way or another, they managed to have a revenge, by killing Myrcella, daughter of Robert I Baratheon and Cersei Lannister. Obviously, this got the Lannisters more forced, and as always they paid their debt.

Afterward, Doran uncovers to Arianne there was a mystery marriage agreement to marry her to the banished Prince Viserys Targaryen and her sibling, Prince Quentyn Martell, to Viserys’ sister, Princess Daenerys Targaryen. Viserys was slaughtered at Vaes Dothrak, however, while Daenerys managed to almost become the Queen of Seven Kingdoms and managed to sit on the Iron Throne.

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