Astapor is one of the slave-trade cities, along with Meereen and Yunkai. It is a descendant of the ancient Ghis Empire. It was because of the connection with this ancient state that the symbol of Astapor became the Ghiscari harpy, holding in its claws a heavy chain with open bracelets at each end (such a chain is usually used by slave traders).

The main occupation is the slave trade in all its manifestations. But first of all, Astapor is famous for its slave-warriors – The Unsullied, known throughout Westeros and Essos for their military skills, obedience, loyalty, performance, etc. Only in Astapor, it is possible to find and buy the real Unsullied. Also in the city, other slaves are also traded: prisoners sold to Astapor by Dothraki or pirates, grown in the city, etc.

The main population of Astapor is slaves and their slave owners, considered descendants of the Ghiscars.

Astapor gateThe city itself is located in Slaver’s Bay. In the center of Astapor flows the river Worm, where the islands of free inhabitants and a variety of entertainment establishments are located. All its streets are made of the same red brick, which paved the central square, the so-called Plaza of Punishment. From it are built step pyramids, deep fighting pits with amphitheater seats, sulfur fountains, gloomy wine cellars, and ancient city walls. There’s an old brick everywhere that’s dilapidated and crumbling. Red dust rushes through the gutters at every gust of wind. The main color of Astapor is red.

Previously, the city was ruled by the most influential slavers, called the Good Masters, whose council solved the main issues related to the city’s policy. But after Daenerys Targaryen freed the slaves and killed the main slavers, she handed over control of the city to a council made up of a healer, a scientist, and a priest. Then the power in the city was seized by the former slave-butcher Cleon, who declared himself king of Astapor under the name of Cleon the Great. Subsequently, he offered a marriage or military alliance in Meeren to Daenerys against Yunkai and its lords.

Cleon the Great greatly overestimated his power over the Astapor army, composed – after the withdrawal of The Unsullied – from the hastily armed and poorly trained slaves. When the Butcher King tried to take her on a campaign, he was killed by his own soldiers.

Cleon the Great’s successor, who immediately took his place, called himself Cleon the Second. He reigned for only eight days; then, during the morning shave, he is killed by the King Cutthroat and his concubine. He found a rival – the mistress of Cleon the Great, who also claimed the right to the throne. While the supporters of the so-called King Cutthroat and the Queen Wwhore fought on the streets of Astapor, the approaching Yunkai Army and free detachments of mercenaries took the city into a ring of siege. Hunger began in Astapor.

The Astapors ate cats, rats, and old skin; cannibalism began. At secret gatherings men and women were pulling lots, pulling black stones, killing, and eating each other. The mob defeated the Pyramid of Nakloz – many considered the culprit of the troubles of the city of the late Kraznys Mo Nakloz. The Green Grace, the supreme priestess of Astapor, had a vision that Cleon the Great would save his city; The corpse of the Butcher King was pulled from the grave, clothed in armor, and taken to the foray of the new Immaculate, but the legion from new Ghis and mercenaries from the Windblown swooped on the Astapor army and killed it. After that, the Green Grace was put on a stake; inhabitants committed mass suicide. Finally, the city began an epidemic of bloody diarrhoea (dysentery), which claimed the lives of three-quarters of the survivors. The crowd of the wrong-hearted, or healthy-living crowd broke through the city gates and opened the gates; besiegers broke into the city and massacred it.

Many Astaporians fled north to Meereen. Daenerys Targaryen refused to let them into the city, but sent doctors to them and organized distributions. From this camp, the epidemic penetrated into Meereen itself.

Under the terms of the peace between Yunkai and Meereen, Astapor was to be restored to its old form as a slave-owning city.

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