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Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming Review


Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming is a browser game developed by the Yoozoo Games studio in 2019. It is based on the Game of Thrones TV series and the book A Song of Ice and Fire. The game was released on March 26th, 2019 by the Chinese studio officially licensed by Warner Bros, under the license of HBO. The game is scheduled to have a mobile port somewhere in 2020.

The player is taking the role of the Lord or a Lady ruling one of the seven kingdoms of Westeros. The gameplay is quite generic with the core idea being the management of resources, recruiting and training soldiers, and forming alliances with other players to make progress. Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming video game is straying quite far away from the plot of the game. Whatever storyline it has, starts after the death of Ned Stark and continues as all seven kingdoms started simultaneously fighting between each other.

There is no story accuracy going on in-game. Although, there are many characters present with their unique units. The game boasts that there are many aspects to the game apart from just waging wars. It is stated that the player is supposed to work on the increase of food production by herding sheep, fishing, picking fruits, and cultivating the land with the addition of mining hard ore like metal, cut down, and collect lumber. However, in our experience, most of these are not part of the game at all and are just for commercial purposes to draw players in.

game of thrones winter is coming

The game also boasts the idea that a dragon can be obtained, as an egg in this case, which then needs to be hatched, grown, and used in battle. Although this is basically impossible to achieve without paying. Yes, the game is incredibly paid to win, which is not something our reviewers can get behind. Some games may handle this model well but with this one in particular there is no roof to how much you spend.

We have to mention that a lot of browser games are having this pay to win model, however, if you go into this game expecting that the deposit of $200 is going to put you on top – sadly it won’t. Also, all of those special promotions that will be flooding your screen every now and then? Everyone gets the same and they are nothing special to be fair. The biggest fish in this game have spent a couple of hundred thousand dollars to get where they are and unless you sit on that much money and want to put it into a barely average experience you’d better skip this game as a whole.

The first half-hour of the game is a tutorial level. It is your basic click here click there type of thing where the player is learning what is what and where. However, it very quickly bares down to long waiting times and gigantic paywalls to get anything done.


The game boasts features like Real-time Online Strategy, participating in huge battles, official characters, and lots of exploration. However, the delivery is, and we are being nice here, underwhelming.

The gameplay aspect is more or less what they say except for most of the resource management “features” that the developer is boasting on their store page. It is a strategy game and during combat, the player is supposed to be battling in real-time. This is done via assigning a hero (this can even be one of the iconic characters from the books or TV series). The player interaction is not what someone would expect from a strategy game though. The gameplay is really bogged down to a simpler stage with just clicking on which squad you want to attack what. Other than that, the fight is mostly happening for a piece of land and some of those resources. Although there are some gameplay aspects related to these conquering sprees most of the army development as well as the expansion of the kingdom is pretty much impossible without pouring at least some amount of money into the game.

game of thrones winter is coming gameplay


There is not much to say about the visuals of the game. We cannot say that it is a cutting edge technology, however, the visuals are not all that bad to be fair. It may not be an eye candy that we are used to when it comes to some of the other prominent titles in the genre but the appearance of characters is practically identical to the TV series and the gameplay itself is quite smooth.

Final Words

The game is not what someone would expect when it comes to delving into the world of Game of Thrones. While there are iconic characters the story is far from reality and it is apparent that the game is made as a multiplayer strategy game for browsers. There is no single-player experience. All of the progress is locked behind paywalls and those who play without donating money will not advance far into the ladder on this game.

The graphics are not that beautiful although keeping in mind the fact that it is a browser game the engine it is running on is not a powerhouse a hardcore gamer is used to having. The characters present have familiarities with TV shows and they look quite identical.

Unfortunately, we do not recommend this game as it tells no interesting tale to tell, adds nothing of value to the TV series and books, and is just a Game of Thrones-themed online multiplayer game that closely resembles the mobile gaming model that we are used to seeing.

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